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Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan's 'Age Difference' Was 'Major Factor' In Breakup!

Larsa Pippen Marcus Jordan Age Difference Breakup

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan‘s breakup was confirmed by multiple sources on Monday. But the reason? That’s less concrete…

An early report claimed it was a direct result of Michael Jordan‘s disapproval. Marcus’ famous father infamously voiced his displeasure in the coupling, and a source told Page Six “it really mortified Larsa” and she wasn’t able to get past it.

However, another insider is saying the picture of a perfect relationship with that one hurdle is far from accurate. This source tells there were some fundamental problems, too:

“They were in love with each other, but once the honeymoon phase ended, they started to realize their priorities differed.”

What priorities? Well, like we’ve heard before with couples who had big gaps, age is often more than just a number. The insider explained:

“Their age difference played a major factor in the split, and on top of the fact that Marcus wants to have kids while she wants to be more of a celebrity. They both had different ideas of what their family was going to be like and that built lots of stress.”

Oof. Yeah, that’s rough. At 49, Larsa has already done the whole kids thing. She and Scottie Pippen had four kids together — Scotty Jr., 22, Preston, 21, Justin, 18, and Sophia, 14. She’s already got three at college age, and he wants to start over with more?

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Well, it’s not shocking he’d want to settle down and have some kids — he’s 33 after all. Like we said, that age difference, y’all. Sometimes people meet at the wrong time of their lives. It happens. The insider continued:

“They are just on different roads, but they are both to blame for not being together — even though they are blaming each other for the demise.”

That doesn’t sound good — nor did the fact they wiped one another from their Instagram feeds!

Maybe the problem is Marcus wouldn’t admit he wanted kids? Last year Larsa confronted him about it on their podcast, Separation Anxiety, saying:

“I feel like I’m happy, because I have four kids, and I feel like you don’t have kids, so basically it’d be a question for you. Because I’m really fulfilled with my four children.”

He demurred, however, changing the subject to his business:

“I think that’s something that goes unsaid with dating, and when there’s an age gap. Like if the man is older, he might have kids, if the woman is older, she might have kids. But for me, I’ve always viewed Trophy Room as my baby. I always wanted to establish my own name, outside of being Michael Jordan’s son. So for me, Trophy Room gave me that opportunity as my business. So I’ve always nurtured it and treated it as my child.”

Hmm. If he later said he actually did want kids and she saw him as being dishonest there, well… it makes sense she’d be upset. Still, this source also says there’s “absolutely” a chance for reconciliation, it’s just…

“…right now, it is very touch and go and they don’t see eye to eye about much. They need to get back to where they originally started with each other and then it could work, this could be a good test to be away.”

Do YOU think there’s a chance for these two?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Larsa Pippen/Instagram]

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