Did Laura Ingraham Think No One Would Notice This Racist Trolling?! Come On!

This is what happens when someone gets away with being horrible. They double down.

Laura Ingraham should have been canceled across the board for mocking the victims of the Parkland shooting, but apparently enough sponsors stuck around to keep her in business.

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That or it doesn’t matter if the shows on Fox News lose money because it’s just a big propaganda machine for corporate interests Donald Trump is all too willing to appease.

But we digress.

Today’s example of awfulness comes from Ingraham’s radio show, in which she was talking about her interview with Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.

The Trump-approved politician was the GOP nominee less than a day before resorting to thinly veiled racism, telling Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by voting for his African American opponent.

Naturally, Ingraham came at this from a place of sensitivity, discussing the ramifications of racially charged language and its history in American politics.

LOLz, we’re just kiddin’.

She doubled down by playing the Peter Gabriel song Shock The Monkey in the background!

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The musical choice ostensibly said “monkey monkey monkey look I’ll say it all day long.”

What Ingraham actually said was:

“This is the way the Democrats are going to play this all the way to 2020. It is identity politics 24/7, no issue discussion really except we want free stuff, and then the other person has to be just racist. If it’s an African American candidate and a Republican is running against that candidate, more often than not, the left will try to figure out a way to call that Republican opponent racist. And until the public just says no to this, they say, ‘No, we’re not going to accept this type of bullying from the left, to intimidate people from speaking out,’ then this is going to keep happening.”

Right. Like it’s OUR fault he said it.

If you’ve actually followed Andrew Gillum‘s response to the incident, it’s clear he would much rather talk about issues.

It’s these Trumpist GOP a-holes who want to talk about anything other than how their Tax Scam didn’t really help anyone but billionaires, how voters actually want healthcare, their aversion to common sense gun safety laws, their ever-growing number of corruption scandals, and the Republican party’s oddly friendly Russia platform.

Frankly, most of America would rather racism not be such a part of Trump and his cronies’ platform.

But that’s the base they’re energizing. So here we are.

And there you are, not just defending it — but being another example.

Shame on you, Laura Ingraham. Though we seriously doubt that’s even possible anymore.

[Image via Fox News.]

Aug 31, 2018 4:26pm PST