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Like A Phoenix, She Rises Again!


Exciting news, diva lovers!

The rumors are true.

She’s back from retirement!

Putting speculation to rest, has exclusively learned that Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is going to announce on Thursday their hundred million dollar plus deal with the one and only Cher.

The international icon has entered into a very lucrative agreement with the hotel for a series of over 200 shows, which will run over the course of the next three years in their 4300 seat Colosseum.

Her first show will be on May 6th. Yay!

Cher will be speaking with Good Morning America and Nightline on Thursday.

An insider tells us, “Cher reveals that she juggled three different boyfriends last summer, has spent a lots of time quietly visiting wounded soldiers at different hospitals around the world, doesn’t have
words to express her hatred for George Bush, passionately endorses Hillary Clinton and most importantly is reuniting with the great Bob Mackie on the costumes for her Las Vegas run.”

Her rep refused to comment on any of the above except to confirm that she too heard that sequins have officially been added to the endangered species list.

Viva the gypsies, tramps and thieves! We know where Perez is gonna be on May 6th!

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Feb 06, 2008 18:03pm PDT

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