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Lori Loughlin & Hubby DID Plead Not Guilty To New Federal Charges!

Mossimo Giannulli Lori Loughlin not guily plea

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli sure seem like they’re going to fight this one out until the end… for better or worse!

The pair officially entered new not guilty pleas in court on Wednesday morning in response to new charges from the federal government accusing the couple of conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery as part of the ongoing college admissions scandal.

And just like the first set of charges against the Fuller House star and her fashion designer husband, it appears the pair still has no interest in taking a plea deal and putting all this behind them!

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According to ET, the pleas were entered on their behalf in a Boston courtroom earlier on Wednesday morning. The couple did not have to be present at the time for this matter, and so they did not make a public appearance in federal court to do so, opting to allow their legal team to enter the not guilty pleas in their place.

As you’ll recall, back in October, the embattled couple received the additional charges along with nine other parents allegedly involved in the scandal, after a grand jury produced a third superseding indictment in the ongoing case.

(Fun fact: four other parents buckled and changed their pleas to guilty rather than face these new charges. But not the Giannullis.)

These new bribery charges are simply tacked on to what the longtime TV star and her fashion biz husband had already been facing from the first two grand jury indictments, and there’s now significant concern that if found guilty, the parents could be facing serious prison time.

Throughout the entire ordeal, the 55-year-old actress and her 56-year-old husband have steadfastly maintained their innocence on all counts. As they’ve watched fellow celeb Felicity Huffman Macy plead guilty and serve out a remarkably short prison sentence, though, insider reports allege Loughlin has increasingly had her doubts about whether she’d be better off pleading guilty, too, and ending this whole ordeal ASAP. Giannulli is allegedly the mastermind behind wanting to fight the feds in court; he’ll look like a genius if the pair is found innocent of all charges, but if they do eventually get prison time after going to trial, well…

At least he won’t have to face Lori’s anger as he’ll probably never see her again.

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Loughlin’s home life is apparently unraveling as well, with a significant, long-lasting rift growing between her and daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose. As we’ve been reporting, the couple’s YouTube-star daughter is still resentful over the destruction of her budding social media influencer career as a result of this whole ordeal, and it may be years (if ever) before Lori and Mossimo can make things right on that front.

So much drama. What do U think, Perezcious readers? How will things end up for Lori Loughlin when the dust settles on this one??

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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