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Love Is Blind's Amy & Johnny Reveal When They Want To Have Kids After THAT Birth Control Drama!

Love Is Blind's Amy & Johnny Reveal When They Want To Have Kids After THAT Birth Control Drama!

Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre have a plan for the future!

The Love Is Blind couple, who were extremely cautious about getting intimate on the show for fear of getting preggers too early, have revealed when they want to start a family! While speaking to Us Weekly on Wednesday, Amy, who is 27 years old, explained:

“In my perfect world, I would love to [have kids] when I’m in my early thirties, but it just really depends. I feel like we’ve had a beautiful year and we definitely want to keep continuing to do stuff within our marriage, traveling and just exploring each other and the world together.”

Because of this, she is “hoping” to wait “three to four” years before embarking on that journey. And she also noted that her plan “aligned with his timeline as well, so it’s perfect.” Amaze!

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Johnny, 28, felt the same. He insisted that they’re “not in any rush anytime soon.” He added:

“Whenever the time does come when we’re both like, ‘hey, we’re ready now,’ that’s what we’re going to shoot for.”

In the meantime, they’re doing everything they can to avoid getting knocked up unexpectedly. As Perezcious readers will recall, a huge part of their storyline on this latest season of the Netflix show was the fact that Amy wasn’t on birth control. Johnny had never been with anyone who wasn’t on the pill, so he was worried about what might happen — and didn’t seem to think condoms were enough, so they abstained from sex before getting married.

Now that they’ve partnered with Natural Cycles, a natural birth control app, Amy dished:

“Natural Cycles is basically just a very organic way to essentially track your cycle and make sure that you are going about everything in the safest way possible. And so you track it by essentially inputting your data of when you started your period and then you also track your temperature and through that it tracks your ovulation and lets you know when you should refrain from partaking in sex or if you want to use additional protection.”

The North Carolina native used to use a regular cycle tracking app, but it didn’t give “as much guidance” as this new program:

“That’s something that I had to have a conversation with him off camera [about] and basically teach him how the cycle works, but I also didn’t really know the extent that I know now after using Natural Cycles. So it’s been a great way to honestly bond and learn and educate ourselves as a couple, but learn more about my body as well.”

Great that they’ve found something that works for them!! And that family additions will be on the way soon… well, sort of soon, at least! Ha!

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[Image via Still Watching Netflix/YouTube]

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