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Love Is Blind’s Jessica BLASTS Jimmy For 'Mean Girl' Diss & Comments About 'Terrible' Last Date!

Love Is Blind’s Jess BLASTS Jimmy For ‘Disheartening’ Comments About ‘Terrible’ Last Date!

Love is Blind‘s Jessica Vestal is CLAPPING back at her ex Jimmy Presnell‘s claims she’s a “mean girl”!

Earlier this week, Jimmy sat down with E! News to discuss why he’s so glad he ultimately didn’t propose to the single mother, instead opting for her competition Chelsea Blackwell — you know, the not-Megan Fox. And it mostly boiled down to how she treated him during their “terrible” last date, he dished:

“Our last date, that wasn’t a date — it was a meeting. She was not nice, and I’ll never go for the mean girl.”

The 28-year-old said the interaction gave him “a glimpse of what I might’ve had in my future,” and he didn’t like it one bit!

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He also slammed the show for giving his ex a better edit than him, especially for the way she was shown dragging him, like during their breakup when Jess said he was going to need an EpiPen when he saw her IRL for the first time. It was feisty AF!

And while Jess has stood by her outburst, she’s now calling out Jimmy for being the mean one! Sliding into the Instagram comments of an E! News post about the interview on Tuesday, the brunette beauty argued:

“This is easier for him to say than the whatever the real reason was that he didn’t want to be with me. Notice in all the interviews I’ve done, I speak highly of him and our experience. In his interviews, he takes every opportunity to speak poorly of me and flat out lie. It truly speaks volumes and is so disheartening.”

Oof! She just called him out! Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Well, now we know for sure they aren’t on good terms! Yeesh!

Do you think Jimmy was being unnecessarily rude or just tellin’ the truth? Sound OFF (below)!

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