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Weird Or No?? Love Is Blind's Micah Lussier Says She Will 'Always Be Friends' With Ex Paul Peden's Mom

Weird Or No?? Love Is Blind's Micah Lussier Says She Will 'Always Be Friends' With Ex Paul Peden's Mom

Well, this is unexpected!

Micah Lussier may not have found love on Love is Blind, but she did make a best friend — and, no, we’re not talking about her fellow “mean girl” Irina Solomonova!

During a Sunday night Instagram Q&A with fans, the reality starlet revealed she maintained a relationship with her ex-fiancé Paul Peden‘s mother Elizabeth Brownsberger… AKA her look-alike!

As you might recall from season 4, Micah and Elizabeth immediately hit it off when they met in person for the first time. And it wasn’t lost on anyone that Paul had basically proposed to his mother. The women were that similar! But, of course, Paul and Micah’s relationship came to a messy end when the environmental scientist said no at the altar.

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Naturally, one fan wondered what became of Micah and Elizabeth’s blossoming connection, so they asked:

“Do you still talk to Paul’s mom??? Y’all were so cute together”

The marketing manager replied:

“We do. She has been an amazing support system for me! Even though we aren’t family, we will always be friends, and luckily for her and I, Paul supports that!

Whoa! Honestly, we didn’t see that coming! They must have made a very strong connection in the short amount of time they were (almost) family!

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Paul and Micah were only together for a few weeks while Love is Blind was in production. After filming ended, they did give their romance a second shot, but it ended pretty quickly.

Now that Micah knows Paul’s big reason for dumping her at the altar was because he doesn’t think she’d be a good mother, there’s no chance they’ll ever get back together either, she told ET after the reunion:

“I think I’ve always held a place in my heart that maybe there was a future for Paul and I and after hearing that, not only is there obviously not, but there kind of never was. And I feel a little duped. I think growing, moving on and moving forward is what’s on the horizon.”

Sooo, it’s not like she’s still friends with Elizabeth to stay connected to Paul. They just really have a special bond. But with that in mind, it’s hard to believe Paul would be fine with his mom being friendly with his ex! Think of how complicated that could get!

Interestingly, Elizabeth doesn’t seem to care. She’s already shown so much support to her son’s ex! On Instagram in March, the momma bear clapped back at viewer criticism of the Seattle native, saying:

“To know @micah.lussier is to love Micah! The mean things being said about her are baseless. She is kind and tender hearted. I love this sweet girl

Wow! They really look like pals! Thoughts on this friendship? How long do you think it can last before things get messy?? Let us know what you really think (below)!

[Image via Netflix]

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