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Machine Gun Kelly Spotted Sneaking Out Of Nightclub With Mystery Blonde! Should Megan Fox Be Worried??

Machine Gun Kelly Cheating Megan Fox Photos Blonde Woman Nightclub

So far as we know, Machine Gun Kelly is still wearing Megan Fox‘s freakin’ blood in a vial around his neck. Is there a chance, despite that level of creepy commitment, that he would get caught with another woman??

On Thursday night it certainly looked like it. The My Ex’s Best Friend singer was photographed arriving at a hot Hollywood nightclub with a blonde woman who was obviously not his famous girlfriend! The pair were later spotted sneaking out the back rushing to his car — apparently trying hard (though unsuccessfully) not to be seen. You can see the pics HERE.

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So should Megan worry??

Well, for the moment fans of the celeb couple can breathe easy. This particular lady was later identified as MGK’s assistant, Olivia Stone (no, that isn’t her up top). We imagine the Transformers star is rather accustomed to seeing those two hanging out at all hours.


Considering he’s moved to the next level with Megan — getting close with her kids — anything that looked like cheating would be a freakin’ disaster.

Thus far the couple have been in a nonstop honeymoon phase, gushing about one another in interviews and on Instagram. Megan wrote poetically for Valentine’s Day:

“there goes my heart manifest outside of my body draped in the towering silhouette of a most unusually handsome boy”

She also called him “lawless” and a “creative genius.” The lawless part, at least, his ex might agree with.

Just last month model Sommer Ray, who was dating the rapper just before Megan, claimed he was still with her when the relationship with his Midnight in the Switchgrass co-star began. She told Logan Paul on his podcast:

“…he did kind of cheat on me with Megan Fox.”

She then explained he turned off his phone and acted sketchy as he started shooting the movie — leaving her in the hotel in Puerto Rico as he was going to work each day and, apparently, falling in love with the Jennifer’s Body star.

They were even still together when he shot his Bloody Valentine music video, the one that co-starred Fox and served as a sort of debut for the new relationship. Sommer said:

“I asked him why he didn’t invite me to the music video and he said COVID restrictions. And then that music video came out and I was like, ‘Oh.'”

Yeah. Oh.

So you can understand why folks might be a little jumpy seeing him at a nightclub with another woman. After all, it’s like they say — if he cheated to be with you, he’ll probably cheat on you.

[Image via WENN/Instar.]

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