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Madonna Shades The Hell Outta Fans Suing Her For Being Late!

Madonna Shades The Hell Outta Fans Suing Her For Starting Concerts Hours Late!

Madonna is clapping back!

After she was sued for starting her Celebration Tour concerts too late, the pop star hit back hard with a new legal filing! According to TMZ on Monday, the singer reacted to a class action lawsuit accusing her of starting her shows late — by arguing that her real fans would know when she takes the stage!


In the new court docs, her legal team declared:

“If a fan is familiar enough with Madonna’s concert history to know her performances run for two hours and fifteen minutes, that fan would surely know that Madonna typically takes the stage well after the ticketed event time (after an opening act, set transition, and so on) and plays late into the night.”

Shade in a legal filing… Her Madgesty…

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Per the lawsuit, the concert tickets said the show would begin at 8:30 p.m., but Madonna did not start her set until 10:30 p.m. TBH, the main act rarely takes the stage at the time the ticket states! Sure, 10:30 is def on the late side, but frankly, she’s right. Madge has a reputation, and fans should not have expected her to be on stage anywhere near the listed showtime! Because of this, the Grammy winner is asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

While she has now been sued twice, this shady response was reportedly a reaction to Michael Fellows‘ January lawsuit, which was filed following a Brooklyn concert in December. Last week, the 65-year-old was sued again in another class action filing by a man named Justen Lipeles, this time both for starting her Cali show late AND forcing fans to watch porn-like dances, among other things. We bet she’ll have a similar reaction to that one, as she’s known for that stuff, too! LOLz!

Thoughts? Do U think Madonna will win with this argument? Let us know (below)!

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