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Mariah Carey Singlehandedly Wins The Bottle Cap Challenge! It's Over Now!

Mariah Carey Bottle Cap Challenge

Y’all can put the #BottleCapChallenge to bed now, in the same place as dead memes and challenges like Tebowing, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and whatever had those teenagers eating Tide Pods a few years back.
That’s because Mariah Carey singlehandedly produced the greatest Bottle Cap Challenge video ever this weekend, thereby winning the challenge forever and ever, and taking over social media with yet another reminder of her incredible singing voice.
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For those of you not in the know (believe us, we didn’t know until a few days ago, ourselves), the Bottle Cap Challenge kicked off late last month as a viral internet meme of sorts in which participants must post a video of them spin-kicking the cap off a bottle. The goal, broadly, is to untwist the cap with a spin kick without ever touching or moving the bottle with your hands. Yeah…
It sounds pretty random, and it is, but here’s a successful video in which the challenge is done successfully and properly (below), which, as you can see, makes for a pretty tough effort on the part of the person doing the roundhouse kick:

Intense!! And it takes a TON of hand-eye coordination, no doubt!!!! That’s a DAMN good job, Jason Statham!!!
Well, the 49-year-old Carey did us all one better on Sunday afternoon, when she posted her own take on the challenge to her Instagram account. Considering the complete originality here, we’ve gotta say… we are absolutely LOVING the creativity and open-minded ideas here to make something truly original!!!
Ch-ch-check out how Carey avoids using her hands — and just uses her pipes — to spin off that bottle top (below):

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Challenge accepted! #bottlecapchallenge

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

Ha!!! What a legendary moment from the five-time Grammy winner!!!
Other celebs have been trying to do the Bottle Cap Challenge, too, like Ryan Reynolds — who failed miserably at it but still captured the moment on video (below):

Mariah’s was definitely a thousand times better, but we’re not hating on Ryan for his, um, effort there. Get ’em next time, big guy!!!
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Anyways, what do y’all think about this Bottle Cap Challenge, Perezcious readers?! Pretty unique, no doubt… but also feel like it’s quickly gonna get played out completely to death, just like every viral thing does nowadays, right?! Sound OFF on all this nonsense in the comment section (below)!
But seriously, y’all… let’s let Mariah put this viral challenge to bed forever. She’s the legend, the icon, the one and only, and… the undisputed WINNER of the Bottle Cap Challenge! LOLz!!!
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