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Here's How Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Are Spending Their Second Wedding Anniversary!

Here's how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spent their second wedding anniversary in Los Angeles!

Two years after their fairy tale wedding, who would’ve thought life would be like this for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?!

No, we’re not talking about their move to Los Angeles — although that is front and center on our minds — but more so the life they (and all of us) have been forced to lead largely in self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic. What a weird world we’re all living in right now!

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Today marks an especially notable day as far as quarantine life and social distancing is concerned, because it’s exactly two years to the day — May 19, 2018 — since Harry and Meghan tied the knot in London! And now, just about 104 weeks after the world-famous royal wedding, life looks a LOT different for the pair! For one, they’ve been pretty much prohibited from any major anniversary celebration, which sucks!

An insider spoke to People about the couple’s big anniversary plans this time around, noting (below) how staying in and laying low is the prudent, proper thing to do:

“Today the family is spending a quiet day together.”

Awww! That’s it?! No special dinner? No anniversary event?!

Quarantine takes precedence, we suppose… and good on them, for setting a good example! We’re all in this together, after all!

Of course, there is one shining light they can still jointly enjoy: the super-cute stylings of 1-year-old Master Archie! Born just a few weeks before the couple’s first anniversary, Archie’s presence at least has the formerly-royal couple riding high with pride and joy! And they haven’t quite reached the terrible twos with him yet, so he’s still cute and sweet, right?! For now! Ha!!!

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Jokes aside, it’s been a challenging time for Meghan and Harry lately just as it has been for so many of us amid the pandemic. The pair moved to El Lay in the middle of the whole thing, which was less than ideal, to say the least, and now they’re riding out the sickness surge while quietly doing philanthropic projects to give back to the City of Angels.

Hopefully by the couple’s third wedding anniversary (or sooner… PLEASE!) life will get back to normal in El Lay and around the world. Until then, it sounds like these two are due for plenty of quality time at home with Archie! That’s not a bad side effect of all this social distancing, now, is it?!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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