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Miley Cyrus Didn’t Make A DIME On Her Bangerz Tour?!

Miley Cyrus Didn’t Make A DIME On Her Bangerz Tour?!

Miley Cyrus took a massive leap of faith in herself!

Back in 2014, the singer embarked on the Bangerz Tour — which saw her jet around the world to perform in around 78 shows in a wild and wacky, costume-filled concert for her fourth studio album! But now she’s revealing she didn’t make ANYTHING from the tour! What??

In the artist’s Used To Be Young TikTok series on Sunday, in which she’s been giving insight into some of the wildest moments of her career, she revealed:

“The Bangerz Tour was an investment in myself. A lot of these ideas were so outlandish that no one really wanted to support me in making these pieces. And so I had big puppets, oversized beds, I came out of my own face on my tongue.”

We’d expect nothing less from the Bangerz era! But we guess not everyone had the same vision.

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Instead of allowing cynics to take control of the show’s visuals, Miley decided to foot the bill for all the wild props herself:

“I didn’t make a dime on this tour because I wanted the tour to be excellent. And when everyone kept saying, ‘Why are you doing this? You’re gonna do like a hundred shows and you’re not gonna make any money’ I said, ‘There’s no one I would rather invest in than myself.’ So I paid for it all, to make it exactly what I thought I and the fans deserved.”

With the help of creative director Diane Martel, she had dancers in animal costumes, cars on stage, and a grand entrance that included a massive cut-out of her face with a slide that looked like her tongue. She had an equally exciting exit, the 30-year-old recalled:

“She [Diane] goes, ‘How would you want to end this concert? The show is so big, how do you end it?’ And I wanted to end it in a Truman Show reference, so I flew out on a giant hot dog, obviously, and I left through all the clouds and the exit sign the way that Jim Carrey does because I felt like The Truman Show was really a reflection of my life.”

Seems like she has no regrets! And just because she herself didn’t make money, it doesn’t mean it was a waste! Per reports, the show made nearly $70 million in ticket sales! Not too shabby! Just compared to what it all cost, it wasn’t enough for the performer to walk away with a profit. Ch-ch-check out her reflection (below)!


Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 30

♬ Used To Be Young – Miley Cyrus

Wild to think she did all that knowing she probably wouldn’t make a dime! Do U think it was worth it?! Sound OFF (below)!

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