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Mrs. World ARRESTED After Snatching Crown From Contestant's Head!

Mrs World Caroline Jurie Arrested Crown Snatch Sri Lanka

UPDATE, April 21, 5:51 p.m. PT:

It’s all over for the (former) Mrs. Sri Lanka-turned-Mrs. World-turned-crown snatcher!

Caroline Jurie — the woman who controversially (and incorrectly) outed Pushpika De Silva as being divorced during this month’s Mrs. Sri Lanka World pageant — has officially stepped down as Mrs. World.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Mrs. World Inc. Organization announced that they had “received the resignation of Mrs. Carolina Jurie,” effective immediately, according to a Facebook post announcing the news.

The organization went on to add (below):

“Her voluntary resignation decision was made solely by Caroline herself. We wish Mrs. Jurie and her family, all the best in their future endeavors.”

Well then! Jurie was arrested for her infamous actions on stage earlier this month, as you’ll recall in our report from the time (below). Now, she’s facing some serious intra-pageant consequences, and apparently must have decided it’d be best if she up and ducked out altogether.

Probably a smart move!

Last year’s runner-up, Mrs. Ireland Kate Schneider, will now take Jurie’s place for the time being as the Mrs. World selection, until this coming year’s choice can be made several months from now.

Guess this is justice served?! …Or something!


The craziest beauty pageant story in years is NOT over yet!

In case you missed it the first time, it all started at the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant on Sunday. The former Mrs. Sri Lanka Caroline Jurie — who happened to have also been elevated to Mrs. World — was there to pass her crown to the new winner.

But when Pushpika De Silva won, something snapped. Jurie shocked the audience and crew alike by taking the mic from the new winner and declaring gurl was ineligible because she was a divorcée:

“There is a rule that you all have to be married and not divorced. So I’m taking my first steps and saying that the crown goes to the first runner up.”

Then she SNATCHED gurl’s crown right off and put it on the head of the runner-up!

There was SO much wrong with that. First off, De Silva is not even divorced, though she is separated from her husband. But no matter how Jurie feels about that loophole in the rules, she didn’t actually have the authority to make that decision on the fly. National director of the Mrs Sri Lanka World competition Chandimal Jayasinghe told the BBC it “was a disgrace how Caroline Jurie behaved on the stage” and the organization had opened an investigation.

And it wasn’t just them.

The other thing about the current Mrs. World’s actions is that besides being emotionally devastating, they were physically harmful as well. De Silva claimed afterward she had to go to the hospital with “a head injury” from the crown-snatching. So that makes what she did a crime as well as a shocking spectacle.

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And on Thursday she was arrested for it, along with model Chula Padmendra. It’s unclear what role Padmendra played, but the arrest apparently came after all those involved were questioned by investigators. Police spokesman Ajith Rohana told the BBC:

“Police arrested Caroline Jurie and model Chula Padmendra over Sunday’s incident on charges of simple hurt and criminal cause.”

Jurie and Padmendra have already been bailed out and are expected to appear in Colombo Magistrates Court on Monday, April 19.

While De Silva has already been re-crowned, we’re seriously wondering how long Caroline Jurie can hold on to the title of Mrs. World. She may be married, but surely there’s a rule against assaulting a fellow contestant, right?

[Image via Colombo Gazette/YouTube.]

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