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Nat Wolff Admits He Peed In A Cup To Help Wizards Of Waverly Place Star Jake T. Austin Pass A Drug Test!

Nat Wolff Admits He Peed In A Cup To Help Wizards Of Waverly Place Star Jake T. Austin Pass Drug Test!

Nat Wolff is opening up about some wild run-ins with Jake T. Austin

The Nickelodeon child star appeared on the Zach Sang Show last Friday, where he looked back on his early days in the limelight and some of the friends he made along the way. Funny enough, the 28-year-old, podcast host Zach, and Jake, who memorably played Selena Gomez’s little brother on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, apparently all went to high school together — and boy, do the latter two have the stories to prove it.

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While reflecting on an encounter he had with Jake as a teen, he remembered a time when the Disney star actually asked him to help him pass a drug test! He dished:

“Jake T. Austin came to my high school and my one memory of going to high school with him was that he asked me to pee in a cup for him to give it to his drug — he was getting drug tested for his show or something.”

OMG! Jake!!

Nat added:

“So, you know, he owes me, because I did pee in a cup for him and I think he passed it.”

Talk about a true Disney and Nickelodeon crossover event, LOLz!

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Zach then shared his own memory of Jake, remembering him as “crazy.” He shared:

“God, he was crazy. I forgot that he went to that school and then he wanted to fight me one time at a party.”


The wildness doesn’t end there, though… Nat shared that there was also a time where The Fosters star tried to enlist his help for a heist from the set of his show:

“I remember vaguely, I mean, he never tried to fight me, he was always really sweet to me, I would have had your back for sure Zach. I do remember him saying, ‘Hey man, I’m working on this set,’ I was in LA, he was doing this show.”

He added that the show in question was “post-Wizards,” and he wanted a bit of help stealing some set furniture:

“He was saying, ‘I need to get some furniture, so I’m going to steal some furniture off the set. Do you want to help me steal some furniture off the set?’ And I said, ‘That sounds illegal, and I’m not going to do that.’ But I remember one of my other friends did help him take like a desk or something, and he got caught trying to take the desk. He was like, ‘They don’t even use it, it’s there for the whole year, I’ll bring it back before the next season.’”

He added:

“That’s a true story.”

Whoa! Jake the wild card! Watch the full interview (below):

What do YOU make of Nat’s encounters with Jake, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Zach Sang Show/YouTube & Sheri Determan/WENN]

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