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Joe Francis has gotten a lucky break.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has cleared Francis of his sex charges.

The judge has just dismissed the sexual battery charge against Francis, since no one could find the alleged victim.

According to Francis’s attorney, there was never enough sufficient evidence to even have a court case.

Joe apparently didn’t even know the girl and had never met her. At least not while sober when he could remember.

In a recent statement, Francis said, “This was just yet another false allegation against me in the past year. Every single time a case like this gets levied against me, it has been proven false. I have never lost a case, criminally or civilly. I feel this may finally bring an end to these frivolous allegations.”

One lawsuit down. So many more to go!

[Image via WENN.]

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May 01, 2008 15:24pm PDT

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