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Not Pregnant!


Pregnant and in jail? Not any time soon!

Though Nicole Richie faces a minimum 90-day mandatory jail sentence if convicted in her upcoming DUI trial, the Simple Life star won’t be taking her unborn “FEEDus” to prison with her.

Thank God! Though several outlets have printed that the pin thin star is preggers with Joel Madden‘s baby, we just refuse to believe the pregnancy rumors.

It can’t be true, right???

Well, this new report says it’s not.

Chicago Sun-Times gossip columnist Bill Zwecker reports that “after a long chat with a close Nicole Richie source Tuesday, I’m confident that Paris Hilton’s TV reality co-star is not pregnant.”

Woo hoo!

Nor is Richie engaged to Madden.

Though she was spotted wearing a big ring at a recent event, it was just a borrowed item Nicole wore from a Hollywood jeweler for a charity benefit.

While Paris is released from jail next week, Nicole’s drama will begin July 11th, when her DUI trial starts.

Hopefully (if we’re lucky) they’ll allow cameras in the courtroom!

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