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Nanny Says Olivia Wilde LIED TO HARRY STYLES About Jason Sudeikis Breakup Date

Olivia Wilde Lied Jason Sudeikis Breakup Harry Styles

We thought nannies were supposed to clean up messes — this one just keeps spilling tea and putting out dirty laundry! LOLz!

As we’ve been reporting, Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde‘s former nanny is telling all about her former bosses, specifically about their very messy breakup. While her insider’s view of the couple makes them both look pretty toxic — enough that they’ve come together to deny her “false and scurrilous accusations” — the more she goes on, the more she’s hammering Olivia harder.

From the very start we had conflicting reports about the breakup. Though we didn’t hear about it until November 2020, a source very quickly came forward to say Jason and Olivia had actually broken up months earlier, toward the beginning of the year. There was plenty of reason not to buy that, but it certainly muddied the waters effectively. So by the time the Don’t Worry Darling director went public with Harry Styles, the leading man from her film, two months later, it wasn’t treated like cheating or abandoning the family — it was just a hot new couple.

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In fact, it wasn’t until the Florence Pugh feud that the question of timing was brought up again. Early inside reports about the fight between the collaborators listed her discomfort with Olivia’s apparent cheating as one of the factors. Hmm. If that’s true, even if there was no technical hookup overlap, and Olivia just left Jason for Harry — where did the report come from that they’d broken up months earlier?

Well, if you believe the nanny, it seems that’s been Olivia all along!

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The caretaker has already claimed the House actress was leading along Jason well after the split, still telling him she loved him and that “he was her everything” in late December. Now, in the latest installment of the her tell-all interview with, she’s offering a new insight on why she thinks Olivia has been lying.

The nanny says the breakup definitely happened on November 8. She says the filmmaker had been spending more and more time away from the family while filming the movie — and we already know it was long talks in trailers on the set where she and Harry fell in love. During a visit to the house the couple shared, the nanny says, Olivia broke the news she was leaving. After she’d been spending time with Harry. Whether this was full-on cheating or not, she doesn’t speculate. (Though our readers should feel free to do so!)

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However, the nanny does say after the initial breakup news hit the internet, one tabloid published a story accusing Olivia of cheating. The Tron: Legacy actress accused Jason of being the source. That’s when she started saying they’d been over for months, the ex-employee says, despite having been seen in public together looking happy (and wearing her engagement ring) as recently as September. While the nanny concedes her former boss is “very concerned what everybody thinks about her,” it wasn’t the court of public opinion she was worried about. She says it was a jury of one whom she had to sell on the idea of a long-dead relationship:

“Olivia went on to defend herself and I think she did it for Harry because she wanted Harry to think things were over for a long time — and they weren’t.”

You know how the strongest lies are built around a kernel of truth? Well, the nanny says that grain for Olivia is the fact she and Jason had a big fight in early 2020, shortly before the pandemic. She recalls things got so heated that Olivia had even told Jason to “leave” at one point — but they were able to calm things down and move on from it:

“They worked it out so it seemed like it was just an argument. I think that’s why she said they had been done for a long time, but that’s not true.”

The nanny says it worked, and the One Direction singer was supposedly tricked into believing he was starting a relationship with a single woman who was well clear of her last relationship:

“He doesn’t know about any of it. One thing about Olivia is she likes to just act like there’s no problems. Nothing’s there. When you bring something up to her she just doesn’t know how to deal with things. She blows them to the side. So I think she didn’t want Harry to have anything to do [with it].”

Of course, the nanny may have worked for Jason and Olivia, but she didn’t work for Harry. She said she thinks the reason Olivia defended herself was because of the pop star, but how does she know for sure what he does and doesn’t know? We’ve already seen how unfair she’s been in her characterization of Olivia’s career, calling the critically acclaimed Booksmart director “mediocre,” so could there also be some bias going on in her retelling? In any case, according to her, Olivia went from privately telling Jason she still loved him to going public with Harry… just FIVE DAYS LATER? Wow.

It does leave us wondering… If what she claims is true, would any of it have changed things for Harry? Did he think they were full-on separated? Would he have still gone for it even if they weren’t? Well, if you buy what the nanny is selling, he never got the chance to decide because Olivia has been lying to him the whole time, too. What do YOU think of this reveal??

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