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Other Teen Mom Stars Shade Tyler Baltierra's OnlyFans Hustle!

Other Teen Mom Stars Shade Tyler Baltierra's OnlyFans Hustle!

Well, we know who’s NOT subscribing to Tyler Baltierra’s OnlyFans!

The 32-year-old is cashing in on his buff physique in the world of online sex work — and we mean cashing in! Boy is making all kinds of money! But what do his castmates think of it? During Wednesday’s premiere of Teen Mom Family Vacation, after settling into their beautiful Cartagena, Colombia rental, the cast didn’t miss a beat asking Tyler about his steamy online hustle. Cheyenne Floyd’s hubby Zach Davis asked him how he “got into OnlyFans,” to which Tyler responded with a pointer finger — directed at his wife Catelynn Lowell. She excitedly admitted, “Me!”

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It’s certainly ain’t news that she got her man into the gig, but she gave some more deets in a confessional:

“I’m the one who created Tyler’s OnlyFans page, I’m the one that runs it, I’m the one that messages people back.”


Cheyenne hilariously called Catelynn Tyler’s “pimp,” before speculating in a confessional of her own:

“Oh, lord I heard about the pictures. I heard it’s bare penis. It’s just penis. It’s not an impression, it’s full penis.”

Well, for one monthly payment, she could find out for herself! LOLz! We had actually heard the opposite, but that was months ago. Maybe the page has grown? Research time…

However, as some of the cast members laughed at the idea, Tyler proudly admitted his newfound revenue is about to buy his fam “a brand new pool!”

Money talks! And walks! And poses naked online! Ha!

But the cast’s criticism didn’t stop there… In an interview with TooFab posted on Wednesday, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline, and Taylor Selfridge joined Cheyenne and Zach to pile on. And they made clear their money didn’t contribute to that pool Tyler and Catelynn are getting — because they all admitted they’re “definitely not” subscribers! Jade noted:

“I don’t think we knew, so as soon as he came, we were asking all of these questions. And we were like, ‘It’s bare d**k?’ We thought it was just … and he was just like, ‘Oh yeah.’ We thought it was maybe, like, I don’t know what we thought it was. But yeah, we found out a lot.”

She added:

“That made me see a different side of Tyler. I was like, ‘Oh my god, you’re bad!’”

Yeah… bad…

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Not bad enough for Zach to rule out starting a page of his own, though! Sounds like the man has a peen and lacks a pool! But Cheyenne quickly shut that idea down. She said:

“No, no, you will not be starting one.”

Ha! Watch their full interview (below):

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[Images via MTV/YouTube & Tyler Baliterra/Instagram]

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