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S Club 7 Member Paul Cattermole’s Cause Of Death Revealed As Band Announces Rebrand Ahead Of Tour

Paul Cattermole’s Cause Of Death Revealed As Band S Club 7 Announces Rebrand

More information has come out about Paul Cattermole’s sudden death.

Just six weeks ago, the singer sadly passed away at just 46 years old. At the time, very few details were known beyond what his family shared in a statement — that he was found at his home in Dorset, England, and later pronounced dead. But that’s about all we got.

Now, his official cause of death has been revealed.

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In a statement to Sky News via the Dorset County Coroner’s Office Thursday, a spokesperson revealed:

“We confirm that Mr. Cattermole died from natural causes and our investigations have concluded.”

Wow. The rep didn’t detail the specific “natural causes,” but it’s not a crazy concept to die from such… It’s just the fact that he was so young that makes it all the more difficult to comprehend. The spokesperson added:

“As his death was from natural causes there will be no inquest.”

We hope this information gives Paul’s family a bit of closure.

The late star’s death came less than two months after his band, S Club 7, which also includes members Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, and Hannah Spearritt, announced they’d be reuniting for an 11-date reunion tour in Europe to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their formation.

However, following Paul’s death, it wasn’t clear if they’d carry on. But now, they have an update.

In an Instagram video shared Sunday, the musicians addressed Paul’s sad passing, explaining:

“[We’ve been] taking the time for us to process and get our heads round it all, and just taking the time to share time together so we can remember Paul, and all the memories we had together.”

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They then announced their tour is still a go, but that they will be performing under the rebrand of S Club — dropping the 7 — following not only the death of Paul, but also, the departure of another one of their members. They announced in the upload:

“You’ve probably noticed that there are only five of us here today and, although Hannah will always be part of S Club 7, she won’t be joining us on this tour, but we wish her all the best for the future. However, the five of us are really excited and geared up to crack on. It’s gonna be our tribute to Paul, so we are actually renaming the tour ‘The Good Times Tour’, which is the song that Paul was going to sing.”

Our hearts continue to be with Paul’s loved ones, and we look forward to The Good Times Tour.

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[Images via Twenty Twenty & Loose Women/YouTube]

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