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Everything That Went Down With Peter Weber & Hannah Brown On 'The Bachelor' Premiere -- Tears, Titillating Tales, & A Second Shot At Love??

The Bachelor is officially back and boy did it deliver!

On Monday night, Peter Weber began his journey to find love among the 30 female suitors vying for his heart. While the premiere was full of unique limo entrances, first kisses, and more cringe pilot jokes than we could keep up with, the cheeky and light-hearted nature of night one was eclipsed by the dramatic and emotional arrival of Peter’s ex, Hannah Brown.

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We knew this moment was coming thanks to a juicy sneak peek ABC gave us late last year. At the time, clever editing made it seem like the 24-year-old would actually return to her old stomping grounds to give the whole process another go. Our previous knowledge aside, in the show’s current timeline, that still remains to be seen!

However, at the very top of the episode, Weber assured viewers he was ready to move on to the next chapter:

“I am so excited. I have no idea what’s coming, but I know that my life will never be the same. Even though I was in love with Hannah and the relationship didn’t work out, I’m taking so much of the relationship with me moving forward.”

In conversation with host Chris Harrison, the 28-year-old added:

“I would not be here tonight if I wasn’t ready to put that behind me and move forward.”

But all of that talk must’ve been easier said than done judging by the way Pete’s jaw dropped when the Dancing with the Stars winner step out of that limo in a cocktail dress!

Oh, hello there, Hannah!

Still plenty of sparks flying between these two! / (c) ABC/YouTube

From there, we got a tender moment between the former flames as Miz Brown returned the pilot’s wings — a symbol of love — that Peter gifted her on season 15 of The Bachelorette. The whole exchange felt like some long overdue and cathartic closure as HB wished her ex well and swiftly got outta there.

But as it turned out, that was only the beginning of the pair’s drama on the night…

Hannah Returns… Again!

Things really turned up when the former pageant queen returned to host a group date; she tasked the women with explaining a fun sexual encounter from their past. But unfortunately, the trip down memory lane of her own experiences with Weber (surely you remember their windmill sex, right?!) moved the starlet to tears!

In a private chat away from the group, we learn a lot was left unsaid after Hannah Beast let Peter go as third-runner up and selected Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt as the final two suitors of her season.

Recalling his emotions during After The Final Rose, Peter admitted he was hopeful for a second chance that ended up going to Cameron after things between Brown and S15 winner Wyatt didn’t work out. He said:

“My heart just sank when you asked Tyler out.”

WHOA. Seemingly oblivious to her ex’s feelings, she replied:

“[Tyler] was reaching out, you didn’t say anything. I didn’t know if you wanted to get past it. I thought you wanted to be the Bachelor.”

The former lead admitted she still felt a spark between them despite her decision to explore a romance with Tyler. Those feelings were so real, things end on a cliffhanger as she contemplated joining the rest of Peter’s hopefuls for good.

We’re left with these heartfelt words from our Bachelor as the episode ends:

“I can’t help how my heart feels. I look at her and I just don’t want to stop looking at her. I want to just kiss her and just, like, had all this work out and it didn’t and I know it didn’t.”

Damn. Somebody really wants that old thing back!! True love never actually dies! But in the meantime…

The New Hannah In Town…

While the former Bachelorette continues to hold real estate in Peter’s heart, there’s a different southern belle of the same name who’s already shaking things up as much as her predecessor.

It looks like 23-year-old Hannah Ann Sluss is shaping up to be a frontrunner this season and she’s already got a huge target on her back in the house after nabbing the coveted First Impression Rose.

This brunette beauty has her eyes on the prize! / (c) ABC/YouTube

She’s already displayed her unwillingness to play fair by stealing the lead THREE different times when he spoke with other women. We’re feeling the fierce determination behind that sweet exterior and we’ve got our eyes on her, for sure!

Perezcious readers, did U catch The Bachelor premiere last night? Thoughts on both Hannahs and what Peter should do next?

Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments section (below)!

[Image via Bachelor ABC/YouTube]

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