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Prince Andrew 'Tearful' & 'Depressed' After King Charles Insisted He'd NEVER Return To Royal Duties In 'Fraught' Private Meeting!

Prince Andrew Left ‘Tearful’ & ‘Depressed’ After King Charles Insisted He’d NEVER Return To Royal Duties In ‘Fraught’ Private Meeting!

Turns out Prince Andrew hasn’t been as carefree as it seemed these days…

If you thought things were tense between Prince William and Prince Harry, then wait until you hear about the latest fraternal royal drama! According to a new insider speaking to this weekend, Andrew was been left “bereft” and “tearful” after a dramatic face-to-face meeting with his brother King Charles III  — reportedly held just days before Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

What was the subject? The Firm letting him know he’ll never be able to return to his normal royal duties following sexual assault allegations! According to one source, it’s left him so bereft his family is concerned about his well-being!

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Shockingly, the Duke of York has apparently been convinced he’d be allowed to return to work as usual after settling a sexual abuse lawsuit brought forth by Virginia Giuffre, an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein‘s sex trafficking. She claimed she was forced to have sex with the Duke when she was just 17 years old, even providing photo proof of the two of them together with convicted trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell all those years ago. Andrew vehemently (though rather unconvincingly) denied her claims, but all the same he was stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronages in January as a result of the civil lawsuit, which he settled for a reported £12 million without accepting liability.

While the Queen made an effort to stand by Andrew’s side through the controversy, Charles had no intention of doing the same. Just days before their mother passed away in September, the brothers met for a private, one-on-one meeting at the new King’s Birkhall estate in Scotland, says an insider.

Per the source, the conversation was “emotional and fraught” as Andrew tried to explain why he could “still be of value” as a working member of the institution. He was then “blindsided” as his brother crushed any hope:

“Andrew was totally blindsided. He is utterly bereft. He always believed there was a way back.”

He was likely led astray because his mother never clearly denied his pleas to rejoin the family as a working senior royal, the insider continued:

“Andrew was extremely close to the Queen and tried to raise the issue of his return to public life many times with her. On some occasions, she would say mildly conciliatory things but most of the time she would change the subject immediately to avoid talking about it.”

Per the source, the Queen was also said to be concerned about her son so she allowed him to escort her down the aisle at Prince Philip’s memorial service in March, a decision that made many heads turn. A royal insider said:

“Sadly, the image of the Queen on Andrew’s arm overshadowed the service. It was all anyone was talking about and there was uneasiness among senior members of the family about the Queen’s decision, but she insisted.”

It wasn’t until Andrew met with Charles that the message was delivered loud and clear, the first source shared:

“Naive as it may sound, he always had hopes of regaining his position as a senior Royal. At the meeting, Charles told him that he can go off and have a good life, a nice life, but that his public life as a Royal is at an end. He was told, ‘You have to accept this.’”

The conversation left him completely distraught — so much so, his family is concerned about his well-being, the source noted:

“Until the face-to-face meeting with his brother, Andrew believed that there was a way back – that somehow he could be rehabilitated and play a role in The Firm going forward. He came out of the meeting shaken. He is still in shock. He is completely lost and very depressed.”

It’s hard to imagine how he thought there was a way back to being a senior royal after the gross allegations, but if the Queen was coddling him maybe he really did believe he stood a chance. Andrew was yet again reduced to tears when he was banned from wearing his military uniform to his mother’s funeral. (Notably, Charles did go easy on him and allowed him to wear the special uniform for one family vigil.)

According to the source, the disgraced royal is being comforted by his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. The young women even held at least one meeting with His Majesty to express their concern for their father’s mental health and plead a case for his return to royal duties. Wow! It doesn’t seem hopeful, though, since courtiers told the outlet there is little sympathy from Prince William or Queen Camilla, who are both standing firmly by the King’s decision.

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Now the Duke feels “misled” by his mother and certain courtiers for “ushering him down a cul-de-sac” and, he believes, briefing against him. The insider dished:

“He cannot comprehend there is no place for him in public life. He has a support system but he is in bad shape. He is finding it hard to process the reality of how life will be from now on.”

Since his mother’s funeral, he has been seen riding his horse at his home in Windsor Great Park but he has become a “virtual recluse,” according to the source, who added:

“He has no idea what the future holds and has no real plans. He is struggling to accept this is the end of the road for him as a Royal. It is all he has ever known.”

Frankly, he should be counting his blessing he’s not in prison like his pal Ghislaine

While he’s processing his broken relationships with the royal family, he’s also mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth, a friend told the outlet:

“Until his troubles, he always had the ability to make the late Queen laugh. They were very close and had a warm and loving relationship. There was no awkwardness.”

While we’re not surprised to hear Andrew won’t be allowed any royal duties considering the serious accusations, it’s certainly sad to hear how difficult things have been for him following the death of his mother. Grief can be a very powerful force, made especially worse by strained familial relationships.

It seems Charles was serious, too — the new monarch is already proving his commitment to the royal family cutting ties with Andrew publicly. According to the outlet, next Sunday, the 62-year-old will be absent from the Remembrance Day service at The Cenotaph since he no longer has a role to play. It also appears plans have been set in motion to add siblings Princess Anne and Prince Edward to the list of counsellors of state — AKA senior royals who can step in and take charge for the monarch if needed. If they are promoted through a change in the Regency Act, this marks another way Charles is sidelining Andrew (and Harry), who are both higher in line to the throne but do not carry official royal duties anymore. Thoughts?? Is Charles making the right decision? SOUND OFF (below)!

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