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Cans Of Compressed Air Found At Aaron Carter's Death Scene -- And Neighbors Claim Housekeeper Refused Potentially Life-Saving Help

Cops Found Cans Of Compressed Air At Aaron Carter Death Scene – And Neighbor Claims House Sitter Refused Potentially Life-Saving Help

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Whoa… A lot of new and very harrowing information has come to light days after Aaron Carter’s shocking death.

As we reported, the former child star passed away at his Lancaster, California home on Saturday. Law enforcement arrived at his house following a 911 call in which they were informed a male had drowned in the tub. The call was reportedly made by his anonymous live-in house sitter. So far, an official cause of death has not been revealed, but new information about the scene of the death is painting an even more tragic picture. Please note some of the details to come are very graphic.

Cop Findings

We’re sad to say Aaron was likely struggling with addiction at the time of his death since investigators found evidence he was huffing compressed air at the scene.

Speaking to TMZ on Monday, law enforcement sources told the outlet there were multiple cans of compressed air in Aaron’s bathroom and bedroom, as well as prescription pills. It is still unclear what caused him to drown, but these finds are a big clue to what may have happened.

Per the sources, the last time anyone saw the I Want Candy singer was at 2 a.m. on Friday. At that time, Aaron’s unnamed live-in housekeeper heard a knock at the door and answered it to find cops had come to perform a welfare check. It’s unclear who called them or why. The insiders claim the housekeeper opened the door, but when Aaron heard what was going on, he told them to leave and ordered the housekeeper not to bother him again.

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After the early-morning encounter, the staffer didn’t see the performer all day on Friday. It wasn’t until Saturday morning when she went to his bedroom door to ask if he wanted coffee that she realized something was wrong. The 34-year-old’s dog was going crazy inside the bedroom, so she opened the door to find Aaron’s body in the bathtub. Law enforcement now believes he was in the tub for a long time since there was a smell of decomposition and the water had turned an unnatural color. The tub’s jets were still running when his body was found.

The Lizzie McGuire alum’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed. The LA County Coroner’s Office is awaiting the toxicology results, which could take months. Per TMZ sources, no suicide note was found and there were no signs of foul play on the scene.

House Sitter Declined Help? has now spoken to a neighbor who tried to help Aaron before cops arrived on Saturday morning, and according to them, the house sitter wouldn’t accept the potentially life-saving assistance???

Speaking to the outlet on Monday, Aaron’s neighbors Anthony and Amanda Cheval revealed they heard a 911 call on their police scanner at around 11 a.m. on Saturday. Recognizing the address, Amanda, a trained nurse, grabbed their automated external defibrillator bag and ran across the street to help save the musician. Anthony, a corporate safety manager who teaches CPR and also works for a local news agency, told the outlet:

“I heard them call out a 927D – code for a possible dead body – for Aaron Carter’s address.”

He ran to the rescue, and came face to face with the house sitter at the door. According to Anthony, she was “hysterical” and foaming on both sides of her mouth. He asked if she needed any help, but she “was screaming: ‘he’s gone, he’s dead, he’s gone.’” The witness continued:

“She kept screaming that over and over.”

She must have been in such shock. Anthony then said he offered to help, recalling he told the housekeeper:

“Let us help you, let us try. My wife is a registered nurse, let her help.”

Unfortunately, she refused the offer, screaming, “I can’t let you in,” he explained:

“She locked the front door, and I could hear her running away from the door.”

Minutes later, the LA County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived. Amanda was still waiting out by the sidewalk in front of Carter’s home and spoke to the cops, explaining the situation the couple had just experienced with the woman who opened the door. Afterward, the cops started banging on the door, yelling they were from the sheriff’s department. The woman returned, but was extra cautious this time, only opening the door partway as she pushed her body against the door, not allowing anyone inside. Amanda said:

“But the sheriff’s deputies pushed past her and ran inside the house.”

Amanda, who didn’t know who had drowned inside yet, continued:

“Minutes later they [the cops] exited the house, but not with the same urgent demeanor they had going in. At that point, I thought whoever it was inside there is dead.”

Moments later, the local ambulance company arrived. They quickly wheeled a stretcher to the front door, but minutes later, left the house with an empty stretcher. It wasn’t until Aaron’s on-again, off-again fiancé and baby momma Melanie Martin arrived at the house in tears that the couple realized it was Aaron inside. The couple is still confused by the house sitter’s refusal for help, Anthony told DM:

“You need help and someone who has medical training is offering to help you and you are turned away. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Well, it might seem unusual, but people can’t always think rationally when their nervous systems are under such shock. Again, cops believe Aaron was in the tub for a long time, meaning this couple’s help may not have amounted to anything. But what is also puzzling to Anthony is he did not recognize the woman (perhaps she was new?). He said:

“I’ve never seen this woman before in my life, Aaron had a few regular people who came by but I have no idea who she is.”

Police have yet to reveal her name. Interestingly, Anthony went on to speculate as to whether or not the house sitter is being questioned for the death of her employer. He noted how she was in a different outfit from when she answered the door initially to when she left the property with police later in the day. From his recollection, she was wearing white pants and a black long-sleeve top at the time of discovering the death. She left the home later in the afternoon with sheriff’s deputies who were carrying a roller luggage bag. She had on red tights and a red printed dress with a dark vest. After they left, a deputy carried out a brown paper evidence bag. Anthony isn’t sure if her original clothes were in the bag or if it was something else. He mused:

“It would be strange for someone randomly to change their clothing before going with the police.”

Or maybe she had an emergency that required a change of clothes? Again, shock can do wild things to the body.

What saddens the man most is knowing Aaron’s 11-month-old son Prince will now have to grow up without a father:

“His son is going to grow up without a father and that’s heartbreaking.”

Upset Neighbors Speak Out

Anthony moved into his home in August, so he didn’t know Aaron very well. He recalled having one cordial interaction with Nick Carter’s younger brother when he welcomed him to the neighborhood, but he also thinks he’s the only one in the residential area who didn’t have a bone to pick with the celebrity. In the few months he lived across the street from Aaron, he witnessed a lot of chaos at his property:

“It’s a great neighborhood we live in, but he was a terrible neighbor.”

He not only witnessed verbal altercations between Aaron and various neighbors (including in a video you can see HERE in which Aaron appears to be in a screaming match with residents on October 14), but he also saw constant fighting between Aaron and Melanie:

“Not too long ago the police came out for a burglary call, and it turned out he was fighting with Melanie.”

Anthony went on to say the local police are very familiar with Carter’s address (having shown up at least three times since August), adding:

“From what I’ve seen he was his own worst enemy and brought a lot of these problems on himself.”

Very, very sad…

Aaron has openly struggled with substance abuse and mental health challenges for a long time. While the neighborhood is sad the singer has died in these tragic circumstances, “on the other hand, some neighbors have said they are glad he is no longer around,” the neighbor admitted.

Uh, wtf??

Another neighbor who did not want to be identified for fear of hate from the pop star’s fans also told the outlet:

“Aaron had problems with several of the neighbors on his street, at least three of them have called police on him. Aaron was just arrogant, he thought he was better than everyone else in the neighborhood. He would brag about how he had better vehicles and his house was larger than most in the area.”

(Aaron had been trying to sell the 7-bedroom, 4-bathroom home for several months. It has since been taken off the market following his death.) Just like Anthony, the neighbor recalled seeing police at the home often, they continued:

“We saw police out in front of his house every few months.”

On several occasions, Aaron locked Melanie out of the home after a screaming match and she would bang on the door, screaming “let me in,” per the local resident. When the couple wasn’t fighting, the 7th Heaven star was upsetting other neighbors by blasting his music with the windows open, which “you could hear from several houses away.”

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Once when one person politely knocked on the door, Melanie answered. She was asked if they could turn the music down and Melanie reportedly said she’d pass the message on to Aaron. Minutes later, he allegedly banged on the neighbor’s door, calling her a “c**t” and a “bitch.”


Another person inside the home asked him to leave and the police were called. According to the source, Aaron tried to lie to the police, telling them the neighbor assaulted him. No arrests were made.

And in another display of unrest, Aaron got into a fight with an older neighbor, yelling at him, and calling him an “old man and to suck his d**k.” The source also said the deceased actor had a Dalmatian dog he would hit and yell at constantly — until one day the dog was gone. The insider vented:

“Every neighbor has that neighbor you have to deal with, he was that neighbor. I feel bad he left behind his young child. He obviously had his issues and demons. It’s a shame that he died, I wouldn’t wish that on [anyone], but I’m glad he’s no longer in our neighborhood.”

Oof. Aaron needed so much help, and we are sorry he wasn’t able to get it before it was too late. We are sending love to his family and friends as they grasp this untimely loss.

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