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Prince Harry & King Charles Have Had 'Positive Conversations' Ahead Of Coronation -- But It's Been Crickets From Prince William!

Prince Harry & King Charles Have Had ‘Positive Conversations’

Things may be tense between Prince Harry and King Charles III, but they HAVE spoken! We know what you’re thinking: seriously!?

This hopeful news comes from a People source on Wednesday. The insider gushed about the estranged relatives having had “positive conversations” leading up to the coronation. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to speak in person — even though Harry was in London for a legal battle just weeks ago — but it’s still good to celebrate the small wins. The details of their conversations were not revealed, but we bet they were discussing what it would take to get the Archewell founder to show up for the coronation since that has always been Charles’ “first wish,” per another insider.

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The fact they’ve been in communication seems especially important considering Charles didn’t even formally invite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to his event personally. According to a close friend, they were invited via an email from his father’s office:

“They didn’t hear from Charles. Harry wanted to hear from his father directly — it’s always through somebody.”

We can see how that would be disappointing. While it is pretty typical for the royals to communicate with others via their teams, Harry isn’t just any other guest. He’s the King’s son! Surely a personal email or phone call would have been a better option, but with the feud as it is, we guess that was asking too much. It is sad for the former military officer, though. All he’s been asking for is some real communication with his family, and this email was proof to him that the “sit-down” he’d publicly requested wasn’t going to happen. Tough!

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Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told the outlet she believes Charles always wanted his youngest there, whether or not he sent the invite himself. She explained:

“Despite the wounds, it’s his son, and I can’t imagine he wouldn’t want him to be there regardless of the hurtful things that have been said.”

The close friend went on to say Harry’s solo appearance in the UK will help prove his desire to have a “family, not an institution,” they shared:

“This is about a son showing up for his father rather than the optics of the institution.”

Well, it’s a win-win for everyone then! Having (most) of the family reunited for this big day also looks good for the institution! Sadly, just because they’ve had some positive conversations that led to Harry agreeing to come, it doesn’t mean they’ll be spending much time together during the festivities. The royal family is said to want almost nothing to do with Harry because there is such a “lack of trust.”

On top of that list is Prince William, who has not been in communication with his younger brother at all ahead of the historic event. Harry’s attendance likely won’t help to ease up tensions either. A palace insider insisted “things are strained” while adding:

“I don’t think the coronation and a big conversation can be conflated.”

It’s going to take a loooong time for this family to make amends… if they ever do. Hopefully, they can get through the coronation drama-free and perhaps that will encourage them all to meet up at a calmer time to finally have the difficult conversations that are needed to move forward. Thoughts?

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