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Prince Charles Is Still 'FUMING' Over The Oprah Interview -- But Prince Harry 'Hasn’t Forgiven' Dad Either!

prince harry, prince charles : dad still fuming, but harry hasn't forgiven either

The Royal Family feud is still in FULL swing.

There were hopes when Prince Harry returned to the UK for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip that the emotional circumstances would bring the family together and possibly start to heal the rift. But TBH, the sources we were hearing from focused mostly on the tension between Harry and Prince William, and didn’t really mention how things were going with Prince Charles.

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Sadly, the Duke of Sussex’s brief stay in Britain didn’t include much visiting with dad, according to a source for Us Weekly. They said:

“Unfortunately, Harry and Charles didn’t resolve their differences when Harry returned to the U.K. They barely communicated. There definitely continues to be a huge wedge between the two.”

As you’ll recall, the next King of England was one of the few to be directly called out by name during his younger son’s tell-all Oprah interview. (Specifically, he said Charles “stopped taking his calls” after he and Meghan Markle moved to North America.) The insider explained:

“Charles is still fuming about Harry throwing shade at him and the royal family in the big interview and won’t let it drop. But to be honest, Harry didn’t go running back to Charles begging for forgiveness either. He still hasn’t forgiven his father for his lack of effort and support after he and Meghan decided to move. The reason Harry went back to the U.K. was to see the queen and to pay his respects to Prince Philip. That’s about as far as it goes.”

Whew. We knew the 72-year-old would hold a grudge over how the whole CBS interview went down, but the hurt feelings clearly run deep on both sides. Even worse, it sounds like Queen Elizabeth II’s firstborn is still trying to punish his adult son for it. The insider told Us:

“Charles is working toward a new slimmed-down monarchy and is freezing Harry out. He’s actually already out. After the damage Harry has caused the family, he firmly believes that his son doesn’t deserve the privilege of being a royal.”

Um… okay, fair enough, but this seems a little like a “you can’t fire me, I quit” situation. Charles can freeze Archie’s dad out of the lowercase-f family, but Harry already left the uppercase-f Royal Family of his own accord. He doesn’t even want the “privilege of being a royal”!

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Still, it’s sad to see how vindictive and unrelenting this feud has gotten. The source concluded:

“To put it bluntly, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing Harry and Charles making amends anytime soon.”

Such a shame. We hope some time and distance helps to heal these wounds, especially so Archie can have a relationship with at least one grandfather.

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