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Prince Harry & Prince William Reportedly Were ‘At Each Other’s Throats’ During Prince Philip's Funeral!

Prince Harry & Prince William Reportedly ‘At Each Other’s Throats’ During Prince Philips Funeral!

It turns out things were frostier than ever between Prince Harry and Prince William despite rumors that they reconciled at Prince Philip‘s funeral.

The Crown consultant and royal historian Robert Lacey wrote in a new report for The Daily Mail on Friday that while some thought the unfortunate event “would bring the warring brother together in an atmosphere of reflection,” that was nowhere near what actually happened. And the estranged brothers instead allegedly got into a massive argument at the funeral service for their grandfather.

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Do you remember when the pair were photographed briefly chatting outside St. George’s Chapel that day? Well, Lacey claims that an argument broke out between William and Harry “within minutes of the siblings getting inside the castle and beyond camera vision.” The author then shared another detail from a friend of the royal family, writing:

“They started quarreling again. There they were, at each other’s throats as fiercely as ever. The rage and anger between those two has grown so incredibly deep. Too many harsh and wounding things have been said.”

Oof, that is certainly not the symbol of hope everyone thought it to be! Now, it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever repair their relationship after the rogue prince dropped more revelations about the royal family in his ventures with Dax Shepard and Oprah Winfrey. But back then, there had been a slight chance for them to mend the fences. It looks like we were all wrong!

Lacey went on to say that the pair also refused to have a family chit-chat with Prince Charles following the incident, explaining:

“There was no reconciliation, and no brotherly sit-down or ‘mini summit’ following Prince Philip’s funeral on April 17. The conflict between Diana‘s two bitterly divided sons does not seem likely to end any time soon.”

Yeah, you think…

Things between the siblings definitely haven’t been the best in recent years. As we previously reported, the rift between the duo started around when William shared his concerns over Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle before their wedding in 2018. It only worsened when the future king found out about the bullying allegations against the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan has since denied the accusations, which are currently being looked into.

Another reunion is set to take place on July 1 for the unveiling of a Princess Diana statue, so everyone can tune in and see if there will be another fight between William and Harry then. In all seriousness, though, here is hoping they’re able to keep things as civil as possible for their late mother. It would be terrible to have the ceremony ruined by their fall out.

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