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Princess Catherine Lookalike Addresses Rumors After Social Media Users Say It's Her In New Video!

Princess Catherine Lookalike Addresses Rumors After Social Media Users Say It's Her In New Video!

Was there a Princess Catherine lookalike with Prince William in that viral clip?!

As previously reported, a video of the Prince and Princess of Wales showed the pair leaving Windsor Farm Shop on Friday. This was the first time she had been spotted publicly since undergoing abdominal surgery in January — other than those very questionable paparazzi shots of her earlier this month. The new sighting seemed to signal that all is well with Kate Middleton amid the concerns about her health and whereabouts lately. However, it has done nothing to quiet the conspiracy theories!

In fact, many are not convinced that the woman in the video was Catherine! Between her appearance, her outfit, quick stride, and the Christmas decorations in the background (that theory was debunked FYI), people immediately thought there was something sketchy about the video. Social media users even believe a lookalike had been used to walk with William. And many have specifically pointed fingers at Heidi Agan. The name may sound familiar to some. She has worked as a professional Catherine lookalike for over a decade! Would the palace really have hired her to squash the recent rumors? It wouldn’t be the first time folks have speculated a body double was used amid this controversy…

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However, Heidi insists she was not in the video! She even has an alibi to prove it! She told TMZ on Tuesday that she was working at the head office of a dance school in Northamptonshire on Saturday, roughly 80 miles from the Windsor Farm Shop. So it couldn’t have been her! And despite the conspiracies online, Heidi feels that no lookalike was used at all! That is “100 percent” Kate in the video, she believes! Heidi said:

“Given my alibi, no it wasn’t me in the video. I was actually at work, so I think it is 100 percent her.”

Online users think otherwise, though! But if a body double wasn’t used, they may continue to run with another theory that the clip was taken from last year instead! What is Heidi’s take on the different conspiracies? She thinks all of it has gone too far! Heidi explained:

“At the moment, I think the whole conspiracy theory thing has gone a little bit too far. I think that originally it started out as a little bit of a joke of where is she, what is she doing you know is she ok? I think she’s 100 percent fine. I think she’s had a surgery and needs to recover. We need to respect that. She’s a public figure. She’s not public property. Everybody else has their right to privacy with their medical records and she needs that as well. I think she’s alive, she’s well, she’s fine. She’s just recovering and she’ll be back after Easter like Kensington Palace told her she would be.”

She ultimately does “sympathize” with Catherine and feels everyone needs to leave her alone at this point:

“It’s a shame, you know, you’ve had a major operation. You just want to be with your family and you want to recoup and she doesn’t get that luxury. Everybody wants to know where she is. I think now is the time to just leave her alone and she’ll come back when she’s ready.”

Unfortunately for Heidi, we have a feeling she’ll have a hard time convincing others there is nothing sus about the video! Fans simply do not trust anything coming from the royals right now! Watch the interview (below):

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[Image via MEGA/WENN, Sunrise/YouTube]

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