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Royal Watchers Think That New Video Of Princess Catherine Was Faked -- Here's Why!

Royal Watchers STILL Think That Video Of Kate Middleton Was Faked!

People STILL aren’t convinced we’ve seen the real Princess Catherine yet!

On Monday, a video of Kate Middleton and Prince William surfaced which purportedly showed the pair leaving Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday. Of course, it was a (very) rare sighting of the Princess of Wales amid her recovery from abdominal surgery. Considering there have been so many conspiracy theories about her health and whereabouts, in addition to claims that Kensington Palace may have faked her previous paparazzi sightings, this video seemed like a big step in the right direction for the royals. Ya know??

Finally, Kate was out and about, walking on her own two feet, caught on video, and there was no way it couldn’t be her. Right. Right? RIGHT??? Well, maybe not! Conspiracy theorists are still worried that it wasn’t really Kate!!

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First of all, refresh your memory with the now-viral sighting (below):

Reacting to the sighting, thousands of fans poured onto X (Twitter) on Monday to share their thoughts. That group included none other than Andy Cohen who dished:

“That ain’t Kate…”

LOLz! Others added:

“I’m am sorry but that’s not her”

“They should’ve just paid Steven Spielberg to fake a video of Kate because that TMZ video just made everything worse”

“That’s not the same person #KateGate #fakekate #KateMiddleton”

“this Kate Middleton situation has fr got me feeling like a flat earther”

Notably in that video, the 42-year-old was seen walking briskly beside her hubby while smiling and chatting. Seriously, she was moving FAST for someone who has just gone through a seemingly very intense operation on her abdomen! Irritated by this, one user argued:

“If Kate Middleton is as well as she looks in this video where she is practically skipping whole on sick leave, this makes her complicit in creating a circus and chaos around her that has got her international interest but which she could have squashed. So it really makes me think she could be an ATTENTION SEEKER of narcissistic proportions. Can’t really take her seriously when she may have tried to play the world for attention.”


But then again, it is worth remembering that as a member of the royal institution, Kate doesn’t have full say on how she can handle a PR nightmare like this! Everything goes through a team of people. So, she shouldn’t be the only one blamed for this controversy! Besides, William has had plenty of opportunities to address the issues, and he hasn’t really done that so far. Just saying!!

But there’s more. Many are also finding fault with this new video considering Kate looks so different from previous photos. That would include her first sighting post-surgery in which she sat in a car alongside her momma — you know, the first time folks thought a lookalike might’ve been used! And it is a startling difference. Just look:

Hard to imagine her face would look so different in just a matter of weeks! Maybe this was a weird angle?

…Or maybe the new video isn’t so new after all??? That’s one other theory! An internet sleuth is now claiming the farm shop clip might’ve been taken LAST YEAR! They noticed what they believed to be Christmas decorations and a shed behind the couple. And they found an article that explained the retailer was installing a “new wooden shed in its courtyard for the Christmas trading period,” specifically between “the end of September and the end of January,” the Slough & South Bucks Observer reported. So, obviously, we’re WELL past the holiday season! While one so-called local on Reddit claimed the Xmas huts are still up, it’s still strange!

Someone else doesn’t think it’s Kate simply because she seems to be a lot taller than normal This sleuth suggested her eyeline normally matches up with William’s shoulder — unlike the match to his lips in this latest sighting. (See that take HERE). Hmm…

Clearly, there are a LOT of different hot takes out there. And it just goes to show that Kensington Palace waited way too long to address this controversy! Now, nobody believes a thing that comes out about the royals! But what do YOU think is happening here, Perezcious readers?? Was it really Kate or not? Let us know (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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