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Priscilla Presley 'Locked Out' Of Graceland By Riley Keough Amid Battle Over Lisa Marie's Will??

Priscilla Presley ‘Locked Out’ Of Graceland After Riley Keough Changed Locks Amid Battle Over Lisa Marie’s Will!

UPDATE 3/14/23 5:57 A.M. PST: Representatives for the former home of Elvis spoke out in a statement to ET on Monday. They shared:

“These reports are entirely untrue. No locks at Graceland have been changed since Lisa Marie’s passing.”

Whelp. Guess that’s case closed!


Now, this is a MAJOR power play!

Riley Keough isn’t worried about ruffling any feathers as she does what she has to do to protect her family’s assets! …even if it’s from her own grandmother, Priscilla Presley!

As Perezcious readers know, the family members have been fighting ever since Lisa Marie Presley passed away in January. At the time of her daughter’s death, Priscilla first discovered she had been replaced as a co-trustee of her daughter’s estate; a 2016 amendment gave control to Riley and her late brother Benjamin. The 77-year-old was quick to file a petition questioning the “authenticity and validity” of the change, claiming Lisa Marie’s signature was “inconsistent” with her usual penmanship and that her name had been misspelled. She also argued the docs hadn’t been notarized or delivered to her as required, making the changes invalid.

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Naturally, this has become a major issue for Riley, who wants to grieve the unexpected loss of her mother as well as honoring her wishes — without having to engage in a war against the Presley matriarch! But it seems she’s been left with no choice.

According to insiders who spoke with Radar Online on Monday, the Daisy Jones & The Six star banned Priscilla from the family’s money-making estate Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Riley reportedly went to Elvis Presley’s historic home to “change the locks on the upstairs doors and archives.” These areas used to be accessible by only the most important people, a confidant explained:

“Previously, Graceland archives director Angie Marchese, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie had the only keys. So, Priscilla is now locked out — and she’s furious!”

This drastic decision on Riley’s part seems to suggest maybe the claims Priscilla was only seeking legal action as a “money grab” were true. Why else would the 33-year-old be restricting the iconic singer’s ex-wife from accessing his stuff?!

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Well, if you ask Priscilla, she’d say she is only looking out for the best interest of her family, despite what Lisa Marie seemingly wanted to happen after her death. Entertainment lawyer Mitra Ahouraian, who discussed the legal filing with Entertainment Tonight last month, insisted the “primary reason why Priscilla would want to maintain control of this trust is really to protect the interests of the children.” This includes her youngest grandchildren, 14-year-old twins Finley and Harper, who the Lights Out singer shared with Michael Lockwood. The attorney added:

“There is a $35 million life insurance policy that would be to the benefit of the children, and that’s a lot of money that can easily go away very quickly if it’s not being managed properly.”

We’ve heard recently that Priscilla doesn’t see eye to eye on a few things with the rest of the family — one big one being the twins’ father. The Naked Gun star is apparently a bigger fan of Lockwood than anyone else in the fam, even taking his side on some tough battles. So we have to wonder if she’d look out for him as well his kids if she had control!

The trust, which includes ownership of Graceland and a 15% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises, brought in an estimated $110 million in 2022. So, there’s a lot at stake! By the way, all three daughters are said to have inherited the property, but the two youngest weren’t named trustees of their mother’s will. In Riley’s defense, other sources have argued Lisa and Priscilla weren’t on good terms at the time of her death, leading many to question her motive. An insider told People:

“Priscilla doesn’t want Riley solely in charge, because then she has no say. Meanwhile, Riley doesn’t want Priscilla to butt in. It’s a very sad situation. Riley is shocked Priscilla is contesting the amendment.”

Sad indeed! And things just seem to get more contentious as the days go on! What do you think about Riley’s decision to lock Priscilla out of Graceland?! Shady or necessary, all things considered? SOUND OFF (below)!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN & Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube]

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