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Could This Business Consultant Save Hollywood From The Coronavirus Pandemic's After-Effects?

Business consultant Rabiah Sutton could bring Hollywood back from the brink after the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated many industries worldwide, including leaving millions unemployed across the United States and specifically in the Los Angeles area.

But while many businesses in most sectors have crumbled under the weight of the last four months of inaction — or, at the very least, stalled out waiting for government intervention — the real innovators and disruptors have kicked into high gear, sensing imminent opportunity and the ability to gain market share.

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Business consultant Rabiah Sutton was just one of those quick-acting entrepreneurs — and she may just be the woman to save Hollywood from the devastation of the coronavirus when this pandemic is all said and done.

The award-winning CEO of FWDthink, a tech company that consults with the federal government and optimizes small businesses to help reach their maximum digital potential, Sutton has long held a presence straddling the entertainment and tech worlds. For one, her best-selling book The Soul Of Success helped launch a world-renowned podcast called From 8 to 9, in which she provides technical business blueprints for how to scale small companies into the $100 million+ range. The podcast has had high-profile guests like Gary Vaynerchuk on, too, with Shark Tank‘s Daymond John and super model Cindy Crawford scheduled for future episodes!

So when COVID-19 hit Hollywood full force, Sutton immediately recognized her insight into business development and personal growth could be even more important as companies shifted workers to remote responsibilities and work-from-home arrangements — something she’s long championed with her own work. So, she circled the wagons with her current clients and “lifted the hood,” so to speak, on their businesses, observing how work-from-home and other constraints were being implemented with thorough questionnaires and in-depth investigations.

The insight gleaned from those hours-long sessions created the content for Rabiah’s much-anticipated upcoming Resilience Through Crisis masterclass, where she shares proven strategies and real-world case studies to help businesses right the ship even amid the pandemic. Hollywood alone would benefit from the rebound; the film industry is projected to lose $5 billion at the box office this year, and production around Los Angeles has largely been shuttered due to concern over super-spreading events.

From what we understand, several A-list celebrities and major studio executives have already inquired about the class, too, and how to get access for their employees. It makes sense, after all, to have an expert with a plan take the lead during such a time of unrest and uncertainty. Will the rest of Hollywood follow Rabiah’s lead? Will YOU?

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Jul 15, 2020 11:21am PDT