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Lisa Rinna Calls Out Denise Richards For 'Gaslighting' RHOBH Cast Over Sex Talk Controversy!

Denise Richards came under serious fire in part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion!

Denise Richards is getting called out! Again!

Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be over and done with, but the three-part (yes, really) reunion special kicked off Wednesday night on Bravo, and the women had a LOT to break down. Even though the special is being held virtually via Zoom, host Andy Cohen had his hands full on this one!

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It went downhill for the Wild Things actress pretty much from the very beginning of the first part last night, when she once again tried to claim she was a “target” of the other women on this, the show’s tenth season. The castmates balked at that one and explicitly called out Charlie Sheen‘s ex for her own bawdy sex talk and inappropriate conversations, claiming hypocrisy at how she late tried to whitewash her experiences on the show.

For one, the castmates took exception to how reserved and uptight Denise was throughout the season, especially considering she’d previously been very open with the cast about current husband Aaron Phypers‘ “big penis,” as well as certain “happy ending” escapades she’d had in massages in the past.

And when the 49-year-old actress tried to play dumb about all the prior sex talk and naughty content on previous shows, Lisa Rinna was right there to call bull s**t! Referencing Denise downplaying an incident at one of the cast’s get-togethers, the 57-year-old Rinna said:

“We talk about sex all the time. You bring up your husband’s penis almost every show.”

Sensing the moment, the other RHOBH stars jumped in. Erika Jayne was the most forceful — and ended up having the most to say about it — while adding:

“You sat down and opened with he still has a big penis. That was the first thing out of your mouth at your own barbecue with your own children sitting right there. It comes out of your mouth first. You set the tone. Great, we’re having an adult conversation. The whole thing is really frustrating.”

Teddi Mellencamp echoed those sentiments, too, but Erika was far from done!

The 49-year-old singer and performer doubled down on her comments, this time turning (virtually) to host Cohen and saying:

“I think she was trying to make us as a group look bad. I mean, it was a perfect setup. I mean we had our table, their table. We always have adult conversations, that’s what we always do as a group. And then all of a sudden we’re penalized for that, for having a conversation here when those children are yards away.”

From there, the women got to the central issue: Erika felt as though she’d been “singled out” by Denise over the discussion, even after the two women went for coffee afterward and Jayne officially apologized.

Celebs talking butt stuff denise richards
Denise didn’t exactly have the best time while in the hot seat during part one of the ‘RHOBH’ reunion… / (c) Nicky Nelson/WENN

Futher frustrated by Denise’s continual attempts to play down the whole drama, an exasperated Erika quickly grew agitated when Richards claimed she didn’t remember things going down in the same way.

Erika said:

“Denise — Oh, my god. Am I on another f**king planet? Because that is exactly what happened!”

And before Richards could jump back in, Lisa dropped the bomb:

“You’re just being gaslit, Erika.”

The chat devolved from there, with the women discussing Denise’s social media behavior, and accusing her of “liking” fan’s tweets and comments that were aggressive towards other Housewives on social media.

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Erika had the receipts on that one, and when Denise tried to walk it back, she was right there to call her out again:

“Of course [Denise] did, she liked it. She liked a couple of comments. Denise, you liked a comment that said that Lisa Rinna should lose her job.”

And even when Denise tried to deny liking the tweet, Bravo producers put up a screenshot showing otherwise. Oops!!!

Still, Denise kept trying to diffuse the situation, telling the group she’d misread the message in question:

“It was actually a comment to you, Erika, about the comment you made about my daughter. It was actually by accident, and that’s the truth. I only saw the comment about Erika that I was commenting.”

That didn’t do s**t for Lisa, though, who still thought Denise was going after her job and told her as much in response:

“You did it in a public forum. You liked a tweet like that that was so vile and so nasty, you knew exactly what you were doing. Don’t you f**k around and lie to me about that!”

From there, there were more denials from Denise, more exasperation from Lisa, and a frazzled Andy looking as bewildered as can be. If you thought these Housewives were tough to manage in a normal reunion special, poor Mr. Cohen had his hands full with this virtual crew that never stopped going at each other’s throats!

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The first part ended in a flourish, as Denise continued to deny claims made against her about how she endlessly brought up her own sex life, up until the point when Lisa brought out her sing-song voice and dropped the bomb to end it, snapping her fingers and clapping while chanting:

“You weren’t a target! Gaslighting, gaslighting, let’s have some gaslighting! That’s what I have to say about all this bull s**t. All gaslighting. Good job, Denise. Good job!”

Yikes!!! And we haven’t even gotten to the Brandi Glanville portion of Denise’s storyline yet… can you even imagine?!?! Part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion figures to be WILD!!!

Tune in on Wednesday, September 9 at 9:00 pm ET on Bravo for that. We know we’ll be there!!!

[Image via Thierry Carpico/WENN/Instar]

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