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Rumer Willis Slams Haters After Criticism Of Her New Body Positive Underwear Photos

Rumer Willis Slams Haters After Criticism Of Her New Body Positive Underwear Photos

Love EVERY body!

Rumer Willis’ new underwear campaign is sparking controversy over what body positivity and women empowerment really mean. The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis shared the first intimate photos of herself wearing CUUP’s lingerie on Instagram over the weekend, but what was intended to be joyful, encouraging, and inspirational has gotten twisted with fan opinions.

Ecstatic to be a part of the underwear company’s conversation over self-acceptance, Rumer wrote with the first slew of understated photos in her home with her pup Dolores:

“Thank you to the lovely ladies at @cuup for capturing me and my sweet Dolores. And for a great conversation about self love, appreciating my curls, how to help the younger generation to learn to accept and celebrate your body in all its many forms.”

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Unfortunately, by Monday many commenters had already shared their negative feedback on the photos and Rumer’s desire to promote self-love using her body rather than her intellect. One follower expressed:

“Body acceptance is not about posing in your bra and panties and getting likes. Rumer, I praise the subject but this is is so off base and puts you in the Kardashian arena of tots and ass, the very thing we as women do not need to advertise to get attention.”

In response to this particular fan, the model rebutted:

“Body acceptance looks different for everyone. And I deeply encourage you to consider that everyone’s process around self love and acceptance is an individual journey.”

She added a reminder we think everyone could use:

“While from the outside it may be easy for you to judge me remember that you aren’t aware of my journey and this experience could be very healing for me. I accept that you have a different opinion or that this may not be what works for you, but I would just ask that you respect my process and kindly remove your judgement.”

Rumer Willis Responds To Hater Over Underwear Photos
Read the full exchange with the hater (above) / (c) Rumer Willis/Instagram

Even with this respectful and totally justified response, due to the overwhelming amount of criticism, the singer felt an explanation was warranted in hopes of not diminishing her support of the campaign.

Uploading even more pics from the shoot, the 32-year-old took the negative feedback head on, putting the shamers in their rightful place, writing:

“I have spoken quite a few times about my journey with self acceptance and self love and that I has most certainly not been easy and is absolutely something that is still a a work and progress and something I still struggle with daily.”

Even with her struggle, Willis was “extremely excited” to work with Cuup on their Body Talk series, elaborating:

“At first I was extremely nervous about taking photos in my underwear and feeling so exposed and vulnerable, even though I have done it various different times in a more fine art setting with my friend @thetylershields.

This felt different. It felt like this was about putting myself, with all my own personally perceived flaws or things I feel insecure about and be willing to show up vulnerably and authentically. To share my journey with it and practice what I share by putting myself out there which is very scary for me after so many years of being shamed and judged and ridiculed for how I look.”

After years of ridicule from outlets and followers when she was just a kid that damaged her self-esteem, this partnership was the perfect way to continue her journey toward ultimate self-love, she shared:

“This is my version of healing. I was saddened yesterday by the amount of comments I saw yesterday that really missed the point of what I wanted to share. This is not about s*x, it’s not about staying relevant or garnering attention. I truly could care less about those things and to be perfectly honest I don’t have the time or energy to waste on that Bulls**t.”

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Don’t worry, though, even with all the negativity, the actress managed to keep a light tone moving forward, sharing her new mantra for the year:

“2021 hot girl s**t= loving yourself”

We can get on board with that!! We totally commend Rumer for putting herself out there and giving her advice on loving yourself as you come. What do U think about this controversy, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Rumer Willis/Instagram]

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