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Sam Asghari Fighting For MORE Divorce Money -- But Britney Spears Won't Give It!

Sam Asghari Wants More Divorce Money — and Britney Spears Won’t Give In

Things are not going well between Sam Asghari and Britney Spears!

Despite being months into their divorce proceedings — which includes a so-called ironclad prenup — the exes are still battling it out over their settlement! According to several Us Weekly sources on Wednesday, the aspiring actor wants a ton more money than he’s owed, and it’s only starting to irritate Britney more!

The pop star is already increasingly upset with her ex-husband these days since he is seemingly using her as a way to boost his career. He was just spotted at the Young Hollywood & the Breakout Stars of 2023 event in Los Angeles earlier this month — and just days later, he reportedly name-dropped the Grammy winner to snag a photo with Brad Pitt at another event, per The US Sun.

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Calling this out, a source told the outlet the mother of two doesn’t like that the 29-year-old is still using her to score invites to industry events or mingle with A-listers, saying:

“She feels Sam is playing the ‘Mr. Britney Spears’ card for everything it’s worth and she finds it kind of pathetic.”

It’s not even just that Sam is supposedly using his former connection to the singer to gain traction in Hollywood — he’s also fighting for TONS more money post-split! Referencing the erratic behavior and mood swings he allegedly put up with in the reportedly toxic marriage, one source said:

“Sam feels he should be compensated properly for everything he went through with Britney. […] The exact amount he wants is being kept confidential, but he’s not happy with what Britney and her team have proposed.”

Another insider added:

“Sam is going for everything under the sun.”

Oof. Every celeb’s worst nightmare…

As we previously covered, the pair signed a prenup before their wedding in June 2022, and it states that the Special Ops: Lioness star would get $1 million for every two years of marriage. Since he filed for divorce in August 2023, he’s not actually entitled to anything (except any gifts Britney may have given him or his cars), per reports. He also had to sign an NDA, meaning he can’t sell his story to make bank off the failed romance. Still, sources have always assumed Britney would still pony up some cash to keep him quiet nonetheless — but it doesn’t sound like that’s working so far!

The first confidant said the settlement is currently “stuck in limbo,” explaining:

“There’s a lot of wrangling back and forth. Things have become a lot more complicated than both of them had hoped it would be.”

The Toxic artist has even stopped paying for the fitness guru’s luxury El Lay apartment, per a third source. The first insider elaborated:

“Britney is in no mood to be pushed around or rushed into signing over another huge check to Sam. […] She wants to stick to the letter of the paperwork and feels that’s all he’s entitled to, period.”

Understandable, especially after so many people already took advantage of her and her money during her conservatorship! With this in mind, the source went on:

“Britney is still deeply resentful over how much money certain family members have managed to mooch off of her through the years.”

Remember, Kevin Federline walked away with $1.3 million after his divorce from the performer — plus another $40,000 a MONTH in child support for sons Sean and Jayden. There are no kids in the equation this time, but Sam’s clearly trying to get on the payroll anyway! The first insider insisted he’s getting super stubborn about the deal, noting:

“Sam isn’t hurting for cash, but he’s willing to dig in and fight for the extra money he feels he deserves.”

Because of this ongoing legal drama and of course all the problems during the marriage, the former lovebirds aren’t even speaking anymore! The first source concluded:

“They’ve exchanged pleasantries, but generally they don’t talk. It’s difficult with this situation being unresolved, plus both of them are keen to put the marriage behind them and move on with their lives.”

Whoa. It’s always sad to see a once-loving romance turn into a legal war! We hope they can wrap this up soon and get on with their lives! What does that mean for Brit? While she’d like to settle down again, it’s not a top priority for her right now, the first source pointed out:

“Britney’s just cutting loose, flirting with cute guys and looking to have fun. She’s not up for anything serious.”

Who would be when they’re still dealing with the demise of one marriage?! There’s no need to rush things!

Thoughts? Do you think Sam deserves any money?? Sound OFF (below)!

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