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Savannah Chrisley Reveals Cancer Survivor Mom Julie's Shocking Tumor Scare In Prison!

Savannah Chrisley Reveals Mom Julie Is Dealing With Unsettling Tumor Scare In Prison -- And Family Wasn't Told!

Julie Chrisley has been grappling with something even scarier while serving time in federal prison — and her daughter Savannah is only hearing about it after the fact.

As we’ve been reporting, Savannah has been sharing Julie’s jailhouse letters with listeners of her Unlocked podcast. Last week, the 26-year-old revealed some of her beloved momma’s heartbroken thoughts about being separated from husband Todd Chrisley during their incarceration. Now, in the latest episode of her podcast, the Chrisley Knows Best alum is offering more unsettling details about her 51-year-old momma.

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In this latest letter written early last month in prison and read to the world on Savannah’s most recent ep, Julie revealed she was unexpectedly called into a meeting with a prison doctor and Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky where she is being held for financial crimes:

“I walked in thinking it was Gynecology. I sat down with the doctor and she proceeds to tell me that my HCG level was high — 10.2. This is a pregnancy hormone. It should not be that high. If it were a little higher, I would test positive on a pregnancy test. Since that’s not a possibility, it could be a sign of a tumor.”


A cancer scare?! Julie admitted her fear took over — then went on to say she’s having blood work done to figure things out:

“I literally fell apart. How can this be happening? I’m going to have blood work redone and get a scan. I’ve not told anyone and I’m not going to until I know what’s going on. I’m so scared. I just want my husband. I don’t know if I can do this without him.”

That is so heartbreaking. Say what you will about the Chrisleys and what they did to get locked up, but we can’t imagine grappling with that unknown all alone. Ugh. Savannah is incensed, too. Specifically, she’s mad she only learned about this weeks later rather than being informed by the Bureau Of Prisons. The Sassy By Savannah mogul said:

“This right here is a perfect example of the lack of health care that you receive in the system and how they’re not the most educated doctors that work for the BOP. They tell your family absolutely nothing. I wasn’t notified of any of this. They don’t care. If my mom were to go to the hospital, I would not know. And to think of her sitting there worrying about, ‘oh, my God, my cancer may be back.'”

This really matters based on Julie’s health history, too. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, and underwent a double mastectomy later that year and a hysterectomy in 2013 before going into remission. So, this is NO small issue. You can see more (below):

Sending love to Julie and the Chrisley fam through all this.

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/YouTube]

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