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Scooter Braun Is 'Imploding' -- Are Stars Jumping Ship Before Allegations Come Out?!

Scooter Braun Imploding Singers Leaving Quitting Management

What is going on with Scooter Braun??

The pop music guru’s wild success repping artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande made him one of the best known managers in the industry. But it was his controversies that made him a household name. And that may be about to get worse, according to sources speaking to Variety on Tuesday.

As you may have heard, Scooter is losing clients left and right. Word first got out last week that the Biebs himself was leaving. There were conflicting reports, but Puck News seemed convinced Justin and Scooter were dunzo. There was talk J Balvin had left in May. Then the news came out that Demi Lovato was looking for new management! What could cause Demi, who had been such an ardent defender of Scooter from irate Taylor Swift fans back in the day, to go? Then Tuesday morning brought reports Ariana had left, too!

The latest? According to The Hollywood ReporterIdina Menzel, star of Broadway and Disney‘s Frozen franchise, quietly iced out the manager back in January!

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Like we said, there are lots of conflicting reports. But if these stories aren’t true, why aren’t the stars themselves just coming out and saying so? Showing solidarity with Scooter? Instead all the reps are shutting out press. So what’s going on??

One source told Variety it’s all too real. And it’s all about Scooter:

“He’s imploding.”

The insider hinted, as the outlet put it, “unsavory revelations” are about to come out:

“It’s a different world since the pandemic. You just can’t be an a**hole like that anymore.”

Whoa! What’s coming out? They make it sounds like some pretty serious allegations that could tank the man’s rep, such as it is! Obviously what Braun did to Taylor Swift, buying her music library out from under her in 2018, is the stuff of recording artist nightmares. That was the biggest hit Scooter has ever been responsible for, and it was to his reputation. But Variety notes the manager has managed to make a lot more enemies during his climb to the top. And it’s all about to come crashing down.

Or is it?

Once again, there are two sides. On the other hand, a different source told the outlet Scooter is simply choosing to graduate to a different position in the industry — leading his clients to amicably part ways:

“He’s getting out of management — he has been for years. That’s the real story.”

See, Scooter is now the CEO of HYBE America. That’s the US arm of the South Korean company behind international pop juggernauts BTS and others. In his new job, some sources claim, he just doesn’t have enough time to do day-to-day management for clients anymore.

One source says it’s just the transition that has some stars deciding if they need different management:

“All of Scooter Braun’s clients are under contract and negotiations have been going on for several months as Scooter steps into his larger role as HYBE America CEO.”

They clarified that Scooter himself may not be managing the Biebs or Ariana anymore, not exactly, but they haven’t left SB Projects:

“People are spreading rumors based on what they know, but they are off. Scooter’s team at SB Projects are still handling both Justin and Ariana as they work through what this new structure looks like.”

Is this more spin? What Scooter is so well known for? Or is the truth gray? Somewhere in the middle?

The question remains: If Justin and Ari are still with Scooter, why not just say so? If everything is fine, and this is all just rumors, wouldn’t it be easy for the stars to set the record straight?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers. Will something serious come out about Scooter? Or is this all just smoke and speculation??

[Image via Nicky Nelson/Adriana M. Barraza/MEGA/WENN.]

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