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Sean Hannity Has Already Lost FIVE Sponsors As He Continues To Defend Roy Moore Against Molestation Accusation!

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In case you haven’t watched, and goodness we do NOT blame you, Sean Hannity‘s response to the Roy Moore sex scandal has been atrocious.
Even if you take him at his word that he wasn’t excusing the 14-year-old’s claim as “consensual” — just the 16 to 18-year-olds’ — it’s still pretty heinous. The man was in his 30s.
Apart from that, Hannity has bent over backwards to try to paint the GOP Senate hopeful in a positive light, from talking about why women make up claims to endless comparisons to times the news got the story wrong — including their incorrect prediction that Donald Trump wouldn’t win the 2016 election. As if those are remotely similar.
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Even after a panel of Fox News regulars told him his own interview with Moore seemed to expose his guilt, Hannity said we shouldn’t “rush to judgment.”
Well, one group isn’t going to wait around for the fallout: Hannity’s sponsors.
Over the weekend, FIVE businesses — DNA testing service 23andMe, vitamin company Nature’s Bounty,, plus-size fashion retailer Eloquii, and single-serving coffee maker Keurig told customers they were removing their ads from Hannity’s show.
The latter company even inspired some Hannity fans to smash their coffee machines in solidarity:

Yes, destroy the machine you already paid them for. That’ll show ’em.
After being mentioned on a list of Hannity’s sponsors, E*Trade pointed out they had already parted ways with the controversial host:

Remember, this is how it ended for Bill O’Reilly — not the sexual harassment lawsuits, the loss of sponsors.
Will this lead to the end of Hannity as well??
[Image via FoxNews.]

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Nov 13, 2017 15:12pm PDT