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Selling Sunset's Amanza Smith Hospitalized For 'Excruciating' Back Pain Amid Blood Infection

Amanza Smith has been hospitalized after experiencing “excruciating” back pain for over a month!

On Sunday, the Selling Sunset star took to her Instagram to get candid about the scary health ordeal. While sharing a Reel featuring footage of her undergoing blood draws and receiving medical care at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, she revealed:

“Over a month ago and all of this started I thought that I had a bulging disk or a slipped disc or something wrong with my lower back that was regular. I laid in pain in my house for several days. I cried. I took Tylenol. I went to urgent care. I didn’t know what it was but after over a month of excruciating pain I finally started to get some answers. I got an MRI and a CT scan and then was told that I need to go to Cedar Sinai.”


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When she arrived at the hospital last Friday, she didn’t expect much — but was quickly admitted for treatment! She continued:

“I came to Cedar Sinai last Friday thinking that I was going to get another scan on my back and then go home. Instead, I was admitted and they immediately started testing me for things in my blood. Come to find out I had an infection in my blood that had caused, a great deal of infection to be spread to the bones of my spine and it’s called osteomyelitis”

According to the Mayo Clinic, osteomyelitis is an infection in a bone. Infections can reach a bone by traveling through the bloodstream or spreading from nearby tissue. While that sounds really concerning, thankfully, this development was actually a great step toward recovery, the 46-year-old continued:

“the good thing about all of this I’m in the best hospital and quite possibly the world and every doctor and every nurse has been right on top of everything to get the answers that we need to get me to where I need to be, which is better. they started me on antibiotics to treat the infection in my blood to hopefully diminish the infection in my spine that what they first thought was a tumor because on an MRI. That’s what it looks like. But the bad kind not the kind that’s just infection. Everyone was very scared, including myself.”

We can’t imagine!

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In season 6 of the Netflix series, the real estate agent opened up about having a cancer scare following a scan on her uterus. In late May, she confirmed she’s cancer-free after having a benign biopsy. So, considering this, the idea that she may have had a tumor on her spine must’ve been terrifying! Especially for her daughter Noah and son Braker!

The good news is that the TV personality feels very hopeful doctors have figured out a solution to help her feel better. She shared her message right before heading into surgery to have some of the infection removed, she explained:

“Here I am day 10 and I’m making this message a bit quickly because I’m about to go into surgery to have portions of the infection removed from my spine that weren’t getting any better by the anabiotic’s that I’ve been getting for 10 days now every four hours intravenously. I’m still in pain, but I am hopeful that with the surgery my back pain will diminish and the antibiotics that they will continue to give me intravenously through a pick line when I’m finally released in a few days It will take care of the rest of the infection in my spine and I’ll be back to  thank you to everyone at Cedar Sinai for taking such good care of me. This, too shall pass.”

Amanza also posted a selfie to her IG Story right before heading back to the OR, captioning it, “Let go Let God!” Hours later, she returned to the account post-surgery and seemed happy with the results. Whoa. You can see some of her experience in the hospital HERE.

Selling Sunset's Amanza Smith Hospitalized For 'Excruciating' Back Pain Amid Blood Infection
(c) Amanza Smith/Instagram

We are sending Amanza SO much love right now! This sounds like an exhausting and stressful illness, so we hope the surgery and medication help her get back to full health ASAP! Send her your well wishes (below)!

[Image via Amanza Smith/Instagram]

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