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Raquel Leviss' BIRTH MOM Is Now Calling Out Ariana Madix On Twitter??

Raquel Leviss' MOM Is Now Calling Out Ariana Madix On Twitter??

Raquel Leviss‘ biological mom is coming through with some sass on Twitter?!

As you well know by now, Raquel, the embattled Vanderpump Rules star, is still very much a focal point for Bravo fans online and across their television screens. Her months-long affair with Tom Sandoval behind his then-girlfriend Ariana Madix‘s back has given VPR followers enough fallout content to last a lifetime (or two, or three, or four). And now, there’s even more!!!

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Late last week and over the weekend, eagle-eyed VPR fans started picking up on something curious. On a pair of recent tweets related to Ariana and her post-affair endorsements, there was a woman piping up in support of Raquel.

In one tweet, sent at the very end of last week, the woman — identified by her Twitter handle as Susan Couture — reacted to a post about how Madix was making big money after being cheated on:

“Main stream endorsements at the expense of Raquel”

Then, in a second post, the same account made her thoughts known regarding Ariana’s Glamour cover shot with a second snarky reply:

“Moving on up and Raquel saved the show ratings skyrocketed”

No big deal, right? Just one (big) Raquel supporter in a sea of Ariana fans?

But no! According to multiple outlets, that “Susan Couture” is actually Raquel’s biological mother Susan!!!!!

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Per Taste of Reality, this Susan tweeting about Scandoval is the woman who gave birth to Raquel. And late on Sunday night, in their reporting on the tweets, reality TV gossip blog The Ashley “verified that the account does, indeed, belong to Raquel’s birth mom.”


This is obviously very noteworthy. Not only because this Susan would seem to be one of the very few supporters Raquel has right now (at least publicly), but also because the 28-year-old reality TV star’s upbringing was unique, to say the least.

Back during the ninth season of Vanderpump Rules, the audience learned Leviss was not raised by her birth mom. So, Raquel has an older sister named Kate. A few years after Kate’s birth, in early 1994, Susan — the same woman reportedly doing the tweeting here — got “accidentally pregnant” with Raquel.

The star explained on an episode of the Bravo show in 2021 that Susan’s sister Laura had been trying to conceive at that time, too. Sadly, Laura was unsuccessful. So, Susan told her that she’d carry Raquel to term, and then Aunt Laura could adopt the baby.

Raquel explained it all during the fourth episode of season nine way back in October of that year:

“I was adopted at birth. My biological mom, Susan, gave birth to Kate before me. And then Susan accidentally got pregnant again. Right around that time, my Aunt Laura was trying to conceive. Susan was generous enough to offer to have me for my aunt.”

Now, during that episode, Raquel also revealed that Kate and Susan do not have the same biological father — and that the two half-sisters “weren’t always close.”

Speaking about it in that two-year-old ep, Raquel said:

“Kate and I weren’t always close. We didn’t have a lot in common… But Kate kinda has stepped into my life a little bit more and she wants to be that big sister role to me.”

But!! The star’s relationship with Susan seems to have always been OK. At least that’s how it looks publicly. Per The Ashley, an account linked to Susan has reportedly commented positively on Raquel’s Instagram photos in the past, as well. The Twitter account also has a long history of pumping up Raquel even before Scandoval, back when she dated James Kennedy and more!

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Hey, every family is different. No judgment here! Just laying out the dynamics.

But we tell it all to say that it’s definitely interesting to see the controversial reality TV star pick up a passionate defense from her biological momma as the rest of the world shows their proverbial claws.

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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