Kim Cattrall Responds To The Backlash From Sex And The City Fans Over Torpedoing Third Film!

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Don’t mess with Samantha!

After the story broke that Sex and the City was about to start but was killed at the last minute by demands made by Kim Cattrall, gurl was furious!

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While Sarah Jessica Parker did confirm the movie wasn’t happening anymore, she didn’t throw her SATC BFF under the bus.

And now Kim is going full PR queen Samantha Jones and saying the story is all wrong:

At least she’s admitting she’s the one keeping the threequel from happening. (Let’s be honest, you can make a SATC movie without Chris Noth…)

She then retweeted some fans who defended her decision not to do the film:

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Obviously, Kim is a grown woman and a cinematic treasure who can make her own decisions and do what she wants but…


We won’t make any demands of Miz Cattrall, but we most certainly are NOT above begging…

What do YOU think of Kim’s position??

[Image via HBO/Twitter.]

Sep 29, 2017 1:44pm PDT