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Watch Sex/Life Stars (And IRL Lovers) Sarah Shahi & Adam Demos React To Their Onscreen Sex Scene!

Sex Life Stars React Scene

Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi made hearts race with their steamy Sex/Life scenes — but watching those scenes together made the duo’s hearts race for a different reason: sheer awkwardness!

In a new video released on Thursday, the on-screen and off-screen lovers sat down to watch a particularly provocative scene from the first season of their Netflix show that saw their characters hooking up in a pool.

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Unsurprisingly, both were a bit on edge, as they squirmed and cringed while the scene unfolded before them. Adam said at one point:

“Yeah, I’m rattled. My heart’s been racing.”

LOLz, same!

Meanwhile, Sarah straight up hid behind her hands half the time as the scene played out, before screaming “so weird!” at the screen.

The co-stars went on to reveal that the seemingly steamy location depicted on screen was far from warm in reality — in fact, the rooftop shoot in Canada was actually freezing cold IRL. Adam noted:

“It was so cold, and so windy, and it looks the opposite to that.”

Now that’s some TV magic!

The couple said they actually huddled in the pool in between takes because it was the warmest place on set. Adam joked:

“I smelled like chlorine for about two weeks.”

We can only hope Adam breaks down his infamous shower scene next! Until then, ch-ch-check out the video (below) to see what the couple have to say about their on-screen tryst!

As we reported, the pair are continuing their long-distance relationship after Adam returned to his home country of Australia last month, while Sarah remains at home in the US. But it looks like distance only made their hearts grow fonder, as Sarah showed off a new tattoo of Adam’s initial, “A”, on her left ring finger recently.

While the actress has yet to open up about her new ink, she recently discussed their strong connection in a video on the show’s official Instagram page, telling viewers:

“I remember meeting Adam in the trailer on the first day and, you know, he’s tall and charismatic and good-looking. And I remember being like, ‘Oh…okay.’ … We did our first scene together and I heard how he said the words and I was like, ‘Oh, now I get why you’re Brad. Like he just owns that mysteriousness. He owns the darkness, but he’s also light at the same time. And I think it’s hard for an actor to be able to hold those two things simultaneously. And Adam does it effortlessly. He is effortlessly cool.”

Have you been watching Sex/Life, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Netflix/Instagram]

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