Shailene Woodley Compares Hunger Games‘ Katniss To Divergent‘s Tris!

shailene woodley katniss vs tris

And the Hunger Games of young adult film adaptations begin…

Shailene Woodley is the latest to join the teen sci-fi movie ranks. Starring as Tris in the upcoming flick, Divergent, the actress gave some insight in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview regarding her hesitation in taking the role and the differentiation between this film and Jennifer Lawrence’s epic trilogy.

On almost turning down the role, Shailene said:

“My agents were like, ‘Are you f***ing crazy?’ But I said if this movie is successful, things will change and I don’t want that.”

The actress was soon convinced with the help of her mother, and focused on the differences between her new character and the famous, arrow-shooting Katniss. She said:

“What I like about Tris is that she isn’t perfect. She’s not a super-hero — she’s not Katniss. She doesn’t know how to shoot a bow and arrow, she’s not a badass by nature. And I really responded to her and Four’s relationship. It’s authentic and human and genuine.”

Shailene also noted that she likes to stay away from the fandom:

“I don’t read any of that stuff. I actually forget there’s a fan base. But then I’ll talk to a publicist who’ll say, ‘If this turns out to be a Twilight or a Hunger Games, this or that may happen.’… But you can’t think like that.”

As for getting to co-star with her Divergent love interest, Theo James, she explained:

“We’re not into the industry and have separate lives outside of it. That’s refreshing. I don’t know what I would do if Four was played by someone who cared what he looked like or spent more time in front of the mirror than I do.”


There you have it, Perezcious readers! Though, we’re still on the fence about which heroine will come out on top.

Who will win?! Katniss v. Tris.

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Jun 21, 2013 12:03am PDT