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Shannen Doherty Confronts Beverly Hills, 90210 Co-Star Tori Spelling About Why Their Friendship Ended!

Shannen Doherty Confronts Beverly Hills, 90210 Co-Star Tori Spelling About Why Their Friendship Ended!

Tori Spelling and Shannen Doherty are reconnecting after a falling out decades ago — and using this time to hash out why things went south in the first place.

On Monday’s episode of Shannen’s Let’s Be Clear podcast, the Beverly Hills, 90210 stars recounted their younger days when they were “hard core sisters” to get to the bottom of why they parted ways. The Charmed star began by insisting they “destroyed Hollywood” and always “hit it very hard” while out on the town. They were almost inseparable while making the teen drama, even agreeing that “when one was late to set, so was the other.” Hah!

So, why’d that all change?!? One annoying word: Men!!

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Shannen dished:

“We both got boyfriends, who ended up being friends, both had a lot of issues.”

While the actresses didn’t share the names of the bad beaus they were discussing, Tori agreed:

“They were better to each other than they were to us.”

Oof. That sux!

Still, the ladies wanted to get even more specific than that! Shannen doubled down on the line of questioning, wondering:

“What was the pivotal moment? Because it’s like one minute we were friends and one minute we weren’t, from my perspective looking in, now as an outsider, I saw that you were swayed by two certain individuals, in particularly one.”

Again, she didn’t name the person — but the True Tori lead didn’t need her to. Tori said being “a swayer” is her “downfall,” causing her pal to elaborate:

“You were always easily swayed. And it was very frustrating for me because I always used to tell you like, ‘Yeah, Tor, have an opinion.’ Like, you’re smart, you’re funny, you’re talented. I loved you and I respected you and I wanted you to believe in yourself as much as I believed in you.”

While trying to “figure out what was the weak point where you were able to be swayed,” the Mallrats alum blamed it on Spelling’s fling at the time — which shocked Tori. Shannen detailed:

“I do because he was abusive, verbally … physically. I remember we went to Mexico with our boyfriends, you called me crying from your room, you came to my room, there was a point I specifically remember looking at you and saying you have to end it with him or I’m going to actually kill him, I can’t stand by and watch this.”

Oh, no…

When the Scary Movie star didn’t break up with her then-boyfriend, the divide began to grow, Shannen explained:

“All I can think because you didn’t break up with him, you stayed and got tortured for a little bit longer. But we sort of started drifting apart I don’t know if that was it, I don’t know if you started listening to those other people.”

She continued:

“I can’t recall the exact rift but I’m thinking all of those things sort of collided at one time, and maybe it was just so much pressure from other people that you know, the friendship just dissipated. And then you gravitated towards others.”

Recalling one incident of IRL drama on set, Shannen remembered coming under fire after “several cast members” approached her to tell her she shouldn’t “be doing covers without the entire cast” when she, Luke Perry, and Jason Priestley were tapped to be on the 1992 cover of Rolling Stone without everyone else. And among those angry castmates was Tori. Oddly, all these years later, Tori has no recollection of that! Must not have been as important as everyone felt at the time…

Addressing her weaknesses, Dean McDermott‘s estranged wife said:

“I think when I was young, it was whoever was the alpha more at the moment would sway me. And I think I couldn’t stand up for myself … I didn’t take ownership of anything. So it’s like, you know, nice, nice, nice to everyone. But it’s like you said, have a f**king opinion about something. And I’m sure I did.”

She concluded:

“I’m sorry I couldn’t [speak up]. I still can’t speak up for myself sometimes, at 50.”

Aw! It’s too bad problematic BFs led to the BFFs’ initial falling out — but how nice they’re able to have an open and honest conversation about it and move forward with no hard feelings!

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