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The Talk Host Sheryl Underwood Debuts STUNNING 90-Lb Weight Loss Using This New Technique!

The Talk Host Sheryl Underwood Debuts STUNNING 90lb Weight Loss!

Sheryl Underwood is looking and feeling fab following her major weight loss!

The Emmy-winning daytime talk show host got candid with People in an interview published Monday where she spoke about her drastic transformation — and what exactly lit the fire for her to take control. She explained that about 18 months ago, she got a rather concerning lab result which scared her:

“My lab work: diabetic, pre-diabetic, hypertension, all the things that you hear, especially with women.”

Oof. Scary stuff.

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She explained she weighed between 230 and 250lbs and “really wanted to get ahead of” her less than ideal lab results. Sheryl noted three main lifestyle changes she made to help her manage her weight: diet, exercise, and a key injectable by the name of Wegovy, which helps to suppress your appetite. She revealed her doctor mentioned Wegovy after she had lost too much weight to undergo gastric bypass surgery, which she touched on, noting: 

“Because I worked with the dietician, I lost weight. I didn’t lose a significant amount, but I lost to a point where the insurance was not going to pay for it.”

Must have been a bittersweet moment — pride for losing weight naturally, but frustration that she no longer qualified for the procedure.

The 58-year-old cited her increase in fruit and vegetable consumption as helping her to manage weight, in addition to drinking lots of water:

“[I am] drinking more water. I’m eating fruit and vegetables that I never thought: green, leafy. I’m getting into eating blueberries and eating strawberries, and also getting more fiber in my diet with fiber supplements.”

Additionally, she tries to get up and move as often as possible, explaining:

“I’m in a career where you drive to work, you sit down and get your hair and makeup on. Sometimes I just get up and walk around, or I try to talk on the phone and walk around, or I’ll do something while sitting in bed — I may do a little exercise, little stretching and things.”

She added:

“I love the stationary bike because then I can listen to my music and be on the bike.”

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In the future she says she’d like to lose 25 more lbs, but as of right now she’s happy with her current lab tests, noting:

“I feel amazing when I look at the lab work: normal, normal, normal, work on this.”

She even claims to be able to get off her blood pressure medication soon! Woohoo!

Finally, she admitted she’s “never worn a dress” — but is ecstatic to do so next month for her birthday! Aw!

We’re so thrilled for Sheryl! Happiness looks GREAT on her. What do YOU think of her transformation? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Images via The Talk/YouTube]

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