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Devastatingly Beautiful Final Sinéad O’Connor Song Debuts On BBC Show! Watch!

Posthumous Sinéad O’Connor Song Debuts With BBC Show -- But Wasn’t She Against That??

Sinéad O’Connor has a new song out??

Two months after the Nothing Compares 2 U singer’s death, fans are getting to hear a previously unreleased track. During Sunday’s series finale of BBC psychological thriller The Woman in the Wall, UK viewers were in for a poignant surprise when they heard the late talent’s voice at the end of the episode in a new track called The Magdalene Song — and composer David Holmes is opening up about it.

In an interview with The Guardian on the same day, the Northern Irish musician explained:

“The first half of the track is completely heartbreaking, and the second half is pure defiance. I stripped the song away to just Sinéad’s voice and then let the full power come in for the second half. It’s incredible how the meaning of the song came together with this story. It was just meant to be. There’s a certain magic when you bring music to an emotive story.”

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But wait, isn’t this the exact opposite of what Sinéad wanted?? Wasn’t she against posthumous music releases, as they were, to her, “gross”?? Well, you can rest easy, because this is NOT someone trying to capitalize on her passing. Sinéad very much gave the OK before she passed. David explained:

“Sinéad sanctioned the track for use before they had even started shooting, and when the producers heard it they were amazed to have something so strong.”

Well that’s good to hear!

The Magdalene Song was very personal to Sinéad, addressing her personal struggles throughout. David told the outlet:

“In the lyrics Sinéad was trying to say, I think, that though she’d been through great turmoil, it would not stop her being who she wanted to be. She never really spoke about the meaning of her songs. She used to joke that she would often tell people that her songs were about something completely different to what they were about. But this one — well, it’s called The Magdalene Song.”

We guess that title really does say a lot in context!

The show sounds like it definitely parallels Sinéad’s life in some ways… It’s about a woman dealing with the trauma she suffered while staying at one of Ireland’s Magdalene asylums — similar to the one the Troy singer had previously opened up about being sent to as a teen for shoplifting.

David explained that prior to her death, he told Sinéad about the show and encouraged her to make something for it — and she was on board:

“I told Sinéad the script was not like anything else anyone has done on the subject, and it had Ruth Wilson, one of the finest actors in the world. Sinéad said: ‘I believe you. Give them The Magdalene Song.”

He added it’s a “big regret” she’ll never get to see it now but believes “she would have been proud.” You can see the song as it premiered (below) but, you know, SPOILERS if you plan to watch the show:

The Woman in the Wall premieres in the US on Paramount+ on November 1. Will you be checking it out?? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Image via Danny Clifford/Hottwire/WENN]

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