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Wife Learns Best Friend Slept With Her Husband After THIS Party Game Mistake!

Wife Learns Best Friend Slept With Her Husband After THIS Party Game Mistake!

This is wild!

On an of the Everybody Has a Secret podcast from last month (going viral on TikTok this week), a wife just revealed the CRAZY way she found out her husband Tom cheated on her with her best friend!

The wife, Steph, was with her BFF of 20 years and maid of honor, Maddie, during a girls’ night out to dinner 18 months after her wedding when she and her friends were discussing how many people they’d slept with. She dished:

“Last week my best friend admitted to me that she had sex with my husband at his bucks [bachelor] party.”

Cheating right before the wedding?!? Oh, that’s cruel!

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And Maddie clearly was never going to tell her friend about the affair — it just drunkenly slipped out! Steph recalled:

“When it was her turn [to reveal her body count], she said 19 instead of 18. As soon as she said that, I correct her. She drunkenly said ‘no, mine is 19.’ She clearly realised in that moment she had made a mistake, because she tried to pathetically backtrack but she was too inebriated to do it convincingly. In this moment I thought she’d probably just exposed herself for cheating on her partner Jack and was embarrassed. A little while later I pulled her aside and said I wouldn’t judge her if she cheated on Jack.. she burst into tears and did not make any sense, she kept saying it was a mistake and I was just so confused.”

Maddie went on to reveal the truth — causing Steph to slap her in the face before leaving! (Are we sure this wasn’t taken from Vanderpump Rules?! LOLz!)

Steph went on to reveal just how heartbroken she was after the revelation, adding:

“As you can imagine I’m devastated. My husband Tom and I have been married for 18 months and I had absolutely no idea that there were any issues in our relationship, let alone that he was capable of this level of deception.”

She’s also not totally sure what kind of relationship her husband and BFF had. Was it a one-time thing? Were they hooking up for a while? One super sus detail is that Steph had invited Maddie over the night of the bachelor party because she was “feeling anxious,” but her pal said she couldn’t hang out, Steph shared:

“She evidently lied by telling me she was busy and had to work that night instead. I would cry for more details but to be honest I can’t stomach talking to her again.”

The caller was now looking for advice on how to handle this situation, noting:

“Maddie has been blowing up my phone begging for forgiveness and most of all, not to tell her partner Jack what she did.”


Steph had not replied to the messages because the friendship was dead to her. But she wanted help deciding how to tell her husband she was leaving — he’d been away on an “international work trip” when the bombshell was revealed. She’d already contacted their “real estate agent to break [their] lease” and made plans to move in with a friend, but she didn’t want to tell her beau about all this “over the phone.”

As you can imagine, the hosts, Annabelle Lee and Louis Hanson, were shocked by the story and viewers flooded the TikTok comments with advice on what to do next, writing:

“I would tell her partner immediately! He deserves to know the truth”

“Never, ever forgive”

“Just leave, divorce papers on the counter with a PO BOX or lawyers address”

“Invite his parents over and do a slideshow of how amazing your life was and what he ruined.”

Louis even suggested putting an ad out in the paper saying, “seeking [a] new husband,” but suggested leaving her ex’s number instead! LOLz! Another person dramatically pointed out:

“It happened at his bucks party, so all his family and friends who were there also knew and no one told her.”

Ugh, that’s even worse!! This poor girl! Ch-ch-check it out (below):


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What would YOU do in this situation?? Sound OFF (below)!

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