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Sophie Turner Says She Knew Joe Jonas Would Be Her Husband The Moment She Met Him!

Sophie Turner Says She Knew Joe Jonas Would Be Her Husband The Moment She Met Him!

Now, this is what we call love at first sight!

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, Sophie Turner opened up about her relationship with her hubby Joe Jonas. Host Jimmy Fallon started off by asking when she realized she would marry the 32-year-old singer, and she confessed that she knew there was something special about him from the very first time they met! The Game of Thrones alum recalled:

“I mean the first night I met him. I remember he left my apartment, and it may have been the alcohol.”

Fallon then cut in wondering whether that was on a first date at her place, to which Sophie explained:

“He didn’t come over, no, I’m not that forward. We went out and we hung out at a bar with, like, all my friends, and all his friends, and then they all came back to my apartment and we had drinks after.”

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After Joe left the apartment, the 26-year-old confessed that she bawled to her brother about already being in love with him!

“I remember him leaving and I wept to my brother. I was like, ‘I love this man so much.’ And I knew.”

And as they say, the rest was history! Although their first date was successful (obviously since they’re expecting a second child together), Sophie remembered how he was not exactly smooth the entire time! She shared that the Jonas Brothers member bragged about being compared to a “young George Clooney,” recalling:

“So on this first date, he was like, ‘Oh, do you ever get told you look like, you know, a young celebrity?’And I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, sometimes. But why do you ask? And he was, “Well, I get… I get young George Clooney all the time.’”

The X-Men actress then joked about her own celebrity lookalike, saying:

“’And then I told him, ‘Well, I get young Boy George all the time.’”


Unfortunately for Sophie, she cannot always keep her cool like she does with her husband. When it comes to other celebrities, the momma completely loses it! Elsewhere in the interview, Sophie admitted that in order to avoid any embarrassing interactions with other A-listers, she got into the habit of shutting them down:

“I’m really bad around celebrities, like, I just can’t I can’t quite fathom that I’m actually invited to these things and I’m not like a competition winner. Every celebrity I come into contact with, I act up or say something stupid and recently it’s been if a celebrity interacts with me, I immediately just shut them down. And I’m like, I don’t want anything to do with you.”

But she is secretly screaming inside “I love you.” Ha! The most recent example of this happening, of course, went down at this year’s Met Gala with Kendall Jenner! Sophie admitted to Fallon that she turned down an invitation to an afterparty with the famous family:

“So, Kendall Jenner, she was at the Met. And I love the Kardashians, but I think she’s so gorgeous in real life, and I was so struck by her beauty, and she invited me to this after-party. She went, like, ‘Do you want to come?’ And I just went, ‘No. No, I don’t.’”

What did she do instead? Sophie revealed she just ate some pasta in bed:

“And I’m like, ‘Why? Why do I do this to myself?’ And then I just sat in bed and ate pasta. And I was like, “Could be somewhere else right now.’”

Honestly, that does not sound too bad! You can ch-ch-check out her entire interview with Jimmy Fallon (below):

Reactions to her confessions? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube, WENN]

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