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Steve Buscemi Dressed As His Own Meme For Halloween & The Internet Went WILD!

steve buscemi : dressed as his own meme for halloween

Steve Buscemi may just have won Halloween 2021!

There were a lot of great options for celeb costumes this year for our post-vaccine Halloween. But none of them hit the sweet spot of self-aware, relevant, hilarious, and culturally iconic as Steve’s getup for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters: this year, the Fargo star dressed up as his own famous meme.

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The viral sensation was born from a 2012 episode of 30 Rock, where the former firefighter had a recurring role as private investigator Lenny Wozniak. In “The Tuxedo Begins,” Wozniack revealed to Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy that he had been in a 21 Jump Street-esque “special task force of very young looking cops who infiltrated high schools.” In the clip (below), the not-particularly-youthful-looking actor approached a group of teens with a skateboard, a backwards cap, and a “Music Band” t-shirt, greeting them:

“How do you do, fellow kids?”

The moment spawned a life (and a dedicated subreddit) of its own, becoming the go-to meme for when someone is trying (and failing) to connect with The Youth. It’s been applied across the board to brands, politicians, and hapless Millennials trying to relate to Gen Z:

Which brings us back to this Halloween when the 63-year-old was actually very successful at connecting with the youth by resurrecting the character while handing out candy in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Check it out below:

Unsurprisingly, the costume was a big hit online. He began trending on Twitter, with reactions including:

“Absolute king.”

“Ok, generally the tending topics on twitter do not improve my life, but I am very glad to know that Steve Buscemi dressed up as himself in the ‘how do you do fellow kids’ meme to pass out candy.”


“Unbelievably cool … What a mensch.”

“The greatest irony of Steve Buscemi goes as his own ‘how do you do fellow kids?’ meme is that by doing it he’s actually engaging with the ‘kids’ successfully and without cringe. We love it”

“This is why he’s the best”

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One of his trick-or-treaters, Stella Wexler Rush, spoke with the New York Post about the neighborhood icon. She shared:

“He told us that we couldn’t take a photo with him unless we guessed who he was supposed to be, so we guessed … and then three of my friends got a picture.”

She added:

“There were other people getting candy, but if anyone else recognized him, they didn’t say anything. … It was crazy I didn’t know he lived so nearby. It was nice meeting him. It was just this unexpected surprise.”

So sweet — and one of the best Halloween treats we could think of!

Not only does the self-aware costume make Steve even cooler in our book, but the meme is pretty much the most appropriate outfit for an adult handing out candy to kids on the holiday. This is definitely going in our Halloween Hall of Fame as an all-timer!

[Image via NBC/YouTube]

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