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Stormy Daniels Opens Up About Donald Trump Affair: ‘The Worst 90 Seconds Of My Life’

Stormy Daniels Opens Up About Her Alleged Affair With Donald Trump: ‘The Worst 90 Seconds Of My Life’

These are some strange times we are living in, as we never thought we would see this unlikely encounter, yet here we are! On Monday, Stormy Daniels went into graphic detail about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, and she did so with the one and only Michael Cohen.

W0w. It looks like the former foes have officially buried the hatchet — despite all the defamation lawsuits!

In the latest episode of the ex-attorney’s podcast Mea Culpa, the two truly bonded over their AWFUL experiences when they were in the same orbit as the former president. However, the most enlightening part of the interview had to have been when the former adult film star referred to her sexual encounter with Trump as “the worst 90 seconds of my life.” Normally we’d say “ouch,” but Trump deserves his criticism. Also, are we really surprised? One second is enough to send us running! She also said her time with the 74-year-old TV personality “just made [her] hate [her]self.”

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For some background, the 41-year-old became headline news when she revealed she had slept with Trump back in 2006 — yes, when he was already married to Melania Trump. When Daniels wanted to come forward with her claims in 2016, Trump told Cohen to pay her some hush money to keep her quiet while the presidential elections were happening. Of course, she later spoke up about the experience in 2018, and ever since Trump has continued to deny the allegations — despite the evidence to the contrary (unlike his fabricated election theft claims, which had zero REAL evidence, but we digress).

During the investigations, the former lawyer had pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws for the $130,000 payout, as well as lying to Congress. Oh yeah, there was also some tax fraud thrown into the mix. At the time, he was sentenced to three years in federal prison but is currently under house arrest. Hence why he can even record his podcast!

While on the audio show, he did take some time to apologize for “the needless pain” he put her through during that tumultuous moment, while Daniels continued to talk some more about her affair.

In the interview, Daniels explained she hadn’t expected to have s*x with Trump after connecting with him at a celebrity golf tournament. The film director went on to express how she hadn’t felt “physically threatened” but did think about how to “escape” the room sometimes. Daniels even said that she could “definitely outrun him.”

Most people probably could, TBH. And that’s not a comment on his weight — just his general incompetence!

However, Daniels told Cohen that she will always brace herself for some sort of backlash because of the legal action she took against Trump.

“My battle is just now starting. People are really upset, and they’re just going to get more pissed off at me.”

Haters are just going to hate no matter what. Of course, Trump has shown how much he admires dictators who literally murder defectors, so we understand her apprehension.

Is anyone else stuck on the HIGHlarious “90 seconds” call out?! Too funny. Anyway, what do U think about Cohen and Daniels speaking for the first time since the debacle? How do U feel about the deets? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN & CNN/YouTube]

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