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Has Sydney Sweeney Been Lying About Her Relatable Pre-Stardom Hollywood Job?!

Sydney Sweeney Hot Ones Video

UPDATE 2/8 11:00 A.M. PST: In our best Maury Povich voice, The Hollywood Reporter investigated and determined Sydney Sweeney DID work as a Universal Studios tour guide! Per their findings, the once aspiring actress landed the gig in June 2016. But a flash-in-the-pan job it was! She only worked there for a month and some change, per their reporting, which explains why she doesn’t have a lot to say about it. So there ya go. She’s no vet, but she DID work there.


Fans think they may have caught Sydney Sweeney in a lie!

In multiple interviews, the 26-year-old has shared that long before becoming famous, she was a struggling actress who had various jobs to help pay the bills — including working as a tour guide at Universal Studios. Sydney recently opened up about that time in her life during her appearance on Hot Ones, saying:

“I was a struggling actor in high school, and I had to pay all my own bills because my mom…. I’d pay my own phone bill, car insurance, everything – gas. I’m so glad she did because I’ve learned how to budget and save my money and know what’s important in life. I love tour guides at Universal. I memorized the entire thing, so I was there for a little bit, and then I actually booked Sharp Objects.”

It’s a classic Hollywood rags-to-riches story! Pay your dues with one of those less prestigious jobs, and you too can hit it big!

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HBO‘s Sharp Objects came out in 2018 and was critically acclaimed — and Sydney has been booked and busy ever since! Watch the interview moment (below):


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So Sydney went from working as a tour guide at Universal to being a big star in Hollywood. Damn. It’s a great story! Better than the idea she immediately found success without any normal job whatsoever, that’s for sure. However, not everyone is buying it!

Multiple former and current tour guides/TikTokers believe the Euphoria star is “lying.” Why? For starters, it’s a long and difficult process to get the job as a Universal tour guide. They have to audition, take a memorization test, interview, get accepted into a class, and go through weeks of training. It’s actually pretty exclusive — and Sydney didn’t mention any of that.

For example, watch Taylor Hancock‘s video (below):


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Has Sydney Sweeney been lying all this time?! Well, there’s more…

Yet another TikToker who works as a tour guide noted Sydney continues to give a “weird, vague, non-answer” when talking about her job at Universal. She even shared that several of her colleagues would have been working with the Madame Web star around the time she would have been employed at Universal — and they never saw her on the job. Check it out (below):


I LOVE my job but ive never lied about having it!! #fyp #foryou #sydneysweeney #hotones #kellyclarksonshow #anyonebutyou #tourguide

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Of course, everyone should take these accusations with a grain of salt. We can’t verify everything folks on TikTok say. But is it convincing? Yeah…

But if Sydney did lie, we have to ask, as many other fans are now wondering… why risk it? It’s a great story, but she could have said she was a barista at one of the dozens of cafes that have opened and closed in El Lay in the past decade. Why lie about having a very specific job like that where people could check? She had to have known she would’ve been caught eventually! We need someone at Universal to pull out the records and confirm whether Sydney is telling the truth or not… STAT!

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[Image via Hot Ones/YouTube.]

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