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You Won't BELIEVE How Much Taylor Swift Spends On Security For The Eras Tour!

Taylor Swift's massive security budget for The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift doesn’t mess around when it comes to her safety! She takes it so seriously, in fact, she’s willing to shell out millions to protect not only herself but those around her from harm while on the road in Europe for The Eras Tour!

A top music industry source — who is also an external consultant for the show and worked with megastars like Madonna, Rihanna, and Adele in the past — revealed to The US Sun on Thursday the pop star is spending a whopping $30 million on security to keep everyone safe and sound during the tour! Damn! That is mind-boggling! The insider said:

“She is the biggest superstar on the planet. So security has to be perfect for her and the entourage.”

How does the security bill add up to $30 mil? The insider broke it down to the outlet! They explained more than 20 people — “the absolute best at their jobs” — were hired to protect her and her whole team as they travel through Europe for 51 of Taylor’s shows. The source claimed each receives $1,100 per day. Since starting in May for 100 days, it adds up to $2 million! Whoa!

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Mind you, these contracts don’t include paying a daily rate to a bodyguard! The salary budget must be astronomical! Especially since she’ll need protection whenever she goes out by herself, with friends and family, or her tour team. Taylor will need it at her hotel. And, of course, whenever she and boyfriend Travis Kelce enjoy date nights out in different cities during her tour! So she’s spending A LOT on this alone!

The insider then pointed out additional costs include renting security cameras and monitors, walkie-talkies, and clothing for the guards. Taylor also covers travel, hotel stays, food, and other expenses for the security team, which can come to $2 million. When you also factor in security at the venues, the industry expert figures Taylor is spending a grand total of $30 million for the tour.


With her being one of the biggest stars in the world, who can blame her for paying loads of money for security? You never know what can happen during a show or traveling to venues, so you can never be too careful! And according to the insider, Taylor is extra cautious! In fact, she’s spending more money than any other artist for her own security and security at the venues! They said:

“I worked with others international superstars like Rihanna, Madonna and Adele, but Taylor Swift’s is the most expensive tour to manage. But it’s all justified because of the passion and the massive crowds she is attracting. No other artist has ever spent that much money for security, her own and the security in venues in European history, that is for sure.”

Again, it makes sense Taylor spends so much on security! She is a massive star and is exposed to thousands of people each weekend while on tour, and with that comes a risk to her safety and the safety of others. She’s had multiple brushes with stalkers, really scary stuff. Not to mention an entire political party seems to have decided she’s their enemy.

So yeah, it’s going to cost her a pretty penny to protect everyone! The source added:

“We are making sure she feels safe 24/7, no matter what. But the costs are massive.”

Apparently so! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are you shocked by TayTay’s security budget? Let us know!

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