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Taylor Swift Gets WHAT?! Golden Globes Snubs & Surprises!

Golden Globes 2024 Snubs Surprises

The Golden Globe nominations were announced Monday morning, and they were — for the most part — a pleasant surprise! Barbie rightfully got tons of love, as did its release date mate Oppenheimer, there were multiple female directors nominated, stuff was mostly in the right category…

But there were a few big surprises… and yes, as usual a couple big snubs.

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Ch-ch-check out our shortlist for Globes hits and misses (below)!

Taylor Swift — Surprise!

Who would have thought Taylor Swift would be getting a Golden Globe nomination in a year she didn’t do any acting or writing songs for movies?? But the Taylor dominance continues, thanks to the Globes’ new category, Cinematic and Box Office Achievement.

It’s an award specifically for big hits, with movies qualifying by earning at least $150 mil global, $100 mil domestic. It’s something a couple awards shows have flirted with, but it never seems to work out. The Oscars infamously announced a similar award in 2018 called “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film.” There was such a backlash they shelved the idea indefinitely. We guess there are still plenty of folks in the industry who don’t think movies should get an award just for being financially successful…

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But it’s cool to see Taylor get the nod for The Eras Tour Movie — though it’s a stacked category, as she’s up against John Wick, Ethan Hunt, Spider-Man, and the Barbenheimer juggernaut. But if anyone can beat those odds, it’s her, right?

Wonka — Snub!

We swear the Musical/Comedy category gets less musical every year. Wonka is an honest-to-goodness, full-on, unapologetic musical getting RAVE reviews… and no love from the Globes at all? In fact, you could say this snub is for musicals in general as NONE got nominated! Yes, really!

But of course not, right, you have to have room for Air… the movie about how Nike made that shoe.

Nick Offerman – Snub!

This is by far the biggest snub of the year in our opinion.

The Last of Us is nominated for Best Drama, Best Actor, and Best Actress, which is great. But the most critically acclaimed episode centered on neither Pedro Pascal nor Bella Ramsey, but on side characters Bill and Frank. The unexpected, heartbreaking love story was a bold declaration about what kind of adaptation and what kind of show this could be — and instantly became one of the most beloved TV episodes OF ALL TIME.

While Murray Bartlett was fantastic as usual, Nick Offerman was nothing short of transformational. We cannot believe his achievement isn’t being honored with at least a nomination — we thought he would be the favorite to WIN Supporting Actor this year!

Carla Gugino – Surprise!

After every other Mike Flanagan miniseries on Netflix was snubbed, despite The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass having some of the best acting we’ve ever seen on TV, we figured the horror was just going to scare off the awards shows again this year.

But we were wrong! The Fall of the House of Usher finally broke through! Carla Gugino‘s showy performance as the scariest and somehow kindest monster — who throughout the show’s eight-episode run took at least that many forms — actually got the nod! We’re so happy for her!

Did YOU see any snubs you want to mention? Shout it from the rooftops in our comments section (below)!

[Image via Taylor Swift/Warner Bros/HBO Max/YouTube.]

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